Here to stay: UMvC3/MvC3 Awards Thread

I felt that if the GD has a yearly Awards thread then Marvel of all games should have one as well.

No flame warring in this thread.

I will keep a tally with asterisk mark every time something or someone gets nominated. Top 10 for each category will end up in final voting. I will update nominations every day.

PLEASE link to threads and post for Post of the Year (POTY) and Thread of the Year (TOTY)

With that said, for the categories of Post of the Year Award and Thread of the Year Award, I’m requesting that along with the nomination, the post/thread link be included in your post.

Here are the award category’s.

"Lupinko says there will be a Super MvC3"

[FONT=arial][SIZE=4]“MvC3 Actual Balance/Potential Tiers Discussion” [/FONT][/SIZE]

**“ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3 OFFICIAL” ** ULTIMATE Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - OFFICIAL

"Drunk Jocelot"
“Mustachio’s Chris dialog”

Best Contributor

Nini Heart’’

Best New Member (Must have a 2010/11 join date)

Swedish Chef
Sho Nuff
Nini Heart’

Funn****iest Poster
Swedish Chef’
Noble Cactus’‘

**Most Hype Match **
ComboFiend vs Marn at Final Round XIV

Filipino Champ vs MailOrder

Flocker vs Viscant

Most Intellegent Poster

Nobus3r1 ver 2.0’
Duck Strong’

Most Underrated Poster
Noble Cactus’

People Who Should Post More
Delicious Toast’

Troll Of The Year
KFC :lol:‘
Capcom :lol:’’

Top Hater


People’s Mod


Worst New Member/Poster

Worst MvC3/UMvC3 Prediction
<Insert Name Here> “Wesker is probably one of the more technical characters.”

P.Gorath “wow, divekick not being an overhead is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. wolverine will be lowest of the low tier again”

P.Gorath “yeah…im really not holding out hope that berserker slash cross-up will be anything other than a day 1 trick quickly discarded/punished”

Signature of the Year
Noble Cactus- “Hsien-Ko? Ooh, that’s not good.”
– Seth, on a person picking Hsien-Ko at SDCC

**Best “Moment” **
-Kef, AceKillah, JetSetDizzy, Windsagio, Killer_Jigglypuff, Syke01, NickGuy0320, Robo-mitsu and others stayed up and watched the entire Spike VGA’s in hopes of any announcements and got nothing.

-KFC becoming a ban-able offense

-The Lemonlure Incident

-Drunk Jocelot

-Jem Wars

-Kanta-Kun shops Thanos and Vergil in UMvC3

-Robo-mitsu misses the Wesker and Spiderman reveals after staying up forever because he took a shower

-Super MvC3 character hype trains

-Pokemon Discussions in the “ULTIMATE Marvel vs Capcom 3 OFFICIAL” thread

-Nini Heart starts Pizza Discussion in the “Ultimate Balance/Tier talk thread”

Did He Really Just Say That?? Award

Drunk Magus

Nominations end midnight 1/1/12 EST. Then I will post the thread for daily voting. Daily Voting will end at a TBA time.

Any questions or Award ideas PM me.

Reserved just in case.

I think DevilJin is the most intelligent poster. Even if I don’t always agree with what he’s saying it still ussually makes logical sense

I say DevilJin for Best Contributor and Did He Really Just Say That. Some of the ridiculous hack t-shirt things he says have made me say that now and then.

Same, what I can tell from his join date. The guy has been around for awhile, is experienced and knows what he talks about and thinks before he posts. Most of the time he deals with the “serious” stuff. Character weaknesses/strengths, tier discussion and usually writes a book of text but its all an intelligent posting.

I contributed hell allot to the Nemesis sub-forum, kind of what made my reputation around here. But thats about it…lol. If there was a section for contributior to <Insert character here>. then maybe i’d stand a chance lol. But once again DevilJin is also looking like he could take that one.

DJ is one of the most insightful and intelligent posters.

Agree there.

I vote myself as biggest hater. JK.

Thread of the year = UMVC3 General Thread? (not the current one, pre-release)

I think DJ is Best Contributor as well. Can I be Best New Member? :smiley:

If POTY isnt Jocelot I’ll be surprised

POTY should probably be Jocelot. The drunken mess.

DJ is my nominee for “Did he really just say that.” When the dude believes something he will NEVER stop posting about it, ever. He comes at you with 100 page responses too, hence his bolding.

Not that those are bad things, the dude is logical, insightful, and confident. All good traits to have.

Aw c’mon, that’s not even close to a bad thing, since he usually uses smart presumptions and video evidence. But…look up that post Evo topic he made about Viscant being like…“Dirty Old Man” or some silly shit. It should have been more like “KOOGY PLEASE LOOK AT THIS TOPIC AND MAKE THIS SHIRT FOR VISCANT!!!”

Which sucked because it was a pretty decent topic otherwise.

Most intelligent? DevilJin or xesaie. I don’t know. Old timers who know what they’re talking about, to put it generally. The former makes posts that, whether you agree with them or not, open up smart discussion. The latter has solid common sense and I find it difficult to disagree with him, despite his occasional old man-iness. Shoutouts to Karsticles too; he always has good insight and did an excellent job on the Dorm thread, setting a quality precedent.

Is this due tonight? I can’t decide.

TOTY? Original “Lupinko says there will be a UMvC3 Thread.” It was such a silly place, bordering on stupid at a lot of points, and it was good fun. Personal note, it helped me know the community I had lurked for a good while.

the pre-mvc3 release gen discussion thread was everything from shitty to epic

Yeah, I say POTY should go to Jocelot…

I see what you did there Ace. You left out sexiest poster because you would win it.

Tsk tsk, such modesty.

LMAO. Yes, POTY goes to drunk Jocelot. So epic.

TOTY? “Lupinko says there will be a UMvC3 Thread.”

Real. Talk.

I wonder how Jocelot is going to feel when he reads this thread.
Appreciation? Or shame?

Post of the year goes to either Drunk Jocelot or the Hsien-ko Christmas story metaphor.

TOTY: Has to be the Pre UMvC3 launch thread
POTY: Its so hard to name a specific post but ill take other peoples opinions and go with Jocelot drunk
Best Poster: DJ
Most intelligent: tie between Chrisis and FlyingVe (can’t decide)
Most Underrated: AceKillah, KingHippo42, SovietAfro
People who should post more: Viscant
Best new Poster: Kaiten92 said he wanted it so ill give him my vote
Troll of the Year: paper… that dude is hilarious
Hater: DuckStrong (His Wesker rants are amazing)
WTF Did he just say that?: ElMaiz… nigga said he be dropping Wesker combos (cool poster though :rock:)
Funniest: ??

I’m new :slight_smile:

Not sure if I’m well enough known though. I’m kind of in and out, but hopefully when I am in I make good post :wink: