here you go

Ok lawrence I’m an internet shit talker yet I got in fights and talked shit in person. Like I said before if you want to start something with me thats fine. Here’s the deal I’ll fly you to atlanta and you can money match me if you want or do whatever the hell you want. When is good for you? No threats veiled or otherwise preppy. If he wants to start shit it is 100% on him and I’m more than willing to fly him out for a money match or anything he wants.

Now as for sam goes I get the 6k from this. I said I’d play you on mvc 2 only if you play me on tag, tekken 3, DR and MVC 1. I’d play you 100 a game on mvc 2 FT 10 and I’d play you double on the other games FT 10. So thats 1k up on mvc 2 2k up on tag 2k up on 3 2k up on Dr and 2k up on mvc 1. Yep I’m dead serious.

As for me talking shit sorry I made a comment and said I was messing around even and sam got all pussyhurt and started shit.

So what do you say? You want to play me? You want to take me up on my offer?

As for nobody likihng me actually thats not true. Dennis and jackson liked me as did simon, antoine, ray and Karl . The seattle crew liked me I even took some trips with them. I stayed with Seattle at the EVO where RO got robbed on the mvc 2 finals. Only ones I had any issue with were Fred anthony and at times Brian but we buried that shit long ago.

I’m replying to what you posted in the other thread that got closed. I’m 100% sure that you’re confused because I’ve never played you in anything. I entered the tourney scene January of 2001 playing Marvel 2, and I know you don’t play that. I didn’t play Tekken at all until Tekken 5. In fact I’ve only seen you in person once in my entire life and that was at Evo 2002 because you and Karl stayed in the same room we did.

Just for clarification’s sake.

Friendly MM denied. Just shot me a pm when your in the area so we can do a FT10 in DR, MVC2, and marvel1. You have advantage since I don even play DR and marvel1 so I don’t see why I’d give you 2 free games in TTT and T3. Leave me out of your mouth until then peace.

Did you score 4 touchdowns in the championship game for Polk high too? Cause seriously, You are the fuckin Al Bundy of this forum right now. talken about all this bull shit that nobody cares about with games that no longer matter in this area… Seriously TEKKEN TAG??? TEKKEN 3!!! seriously STFU on your " use too " shit.

I KNEW IT!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

You know, you could have just made a post where you said “Hey guys remember me, how’s it going?” But no, instead you attempt to belittle an entire group of people. I don’t know you, and for all I know you may be a good guy. However, when you come out swinging like that no one is going to take you seriously or respect you. I don’t know what remnants of the past you are trying to reclaim. I guess you seek closure and acceptance for something that happened long ago. That is fine, but you are taking a wrong approach to the matter.

I mean shit, you may as well throw out $10K MMs for SF Alpha 1, Tekken 2, and Mortal Kombat on the SNES if you really want to take a trip back to 1997.

Cuz MVC 2 is so new right… I put it out for the games I play including DR which is less than 2 years old. When tekken 6 is in atlanta I’m sure i’ll play that and throw it out for that. Sam challenged me on a game I don’t play so I challenged him to multiple games he doesn’t play that I do and/or did. Tag is still played in tournaments just like mvc 2 is so you can’t really talk trash about that. So I challenged him to two games that are still played and 2 games that aren’t really played because its pointless for him to mm on mvc 2. My choice of games just illustrates the pointlessness of this whole thing.

So you don’t want to play for money sam? You’re the one who brought it up? Whats the point of FT 10 if no money is involved? I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I don’t think you want to know me and I highly doubt you’re worth me knowing so thats the only other reasons I’d do FT 10. Oh and since when was it a friendly money match? Your tone seemed to indicate it was anything BUT friendly. If you want to play just to play then I’m down but if you want to talk shit I need some kind of motivation especially to play an old ass game like MVC 2. The only one I really want to play is DR.

Don’t seek any closure or anything. I made a comment that was messing with lawrence and sam jumped all over me. I wasn’t serious and lawrence knows I wasn’t serious. Shit escalated from there.

There are a few people I wanted to say whats up to and I tossed out their names in the previous thread as well as a few others. The vast majority of the PDX players I didn’t like because they just talked shit and ran and hid when they got called on it.

Lawrence had a chance to say shit to me after the Fred incident and chose not to. He chooses now to talk shit about it when I"m on the other side of the country. I’m more than willing to fly him out here or he can wait till I fly in which may be in June depending on whether our property in Florida is being rented out or if we can go down there for a week. Till June I’m pretty busy with Tax season there’s a lot of BS to deal with in the brokerage industry. Now if Lawrence feels that he has an issue with me I’m more than willing to fly him out so he can take care of it whether it be a money match or a fight. I didn’t start things back then I don’t start things now but if somebody wants to start something I won’t back down from it and I really don’t care if you fight professionally or not if I get my ass kicked then it happens but I won’t back down from anybody or anything. So whats it going to be somebody going to take me up or people going to continue to talk shit?

On the real why is it people now want to say something when they wouldn’t at the time? Seriously everybody knows I wouldn’t back down so why did people wait till I left the state to talk shit? Why not do it to my face?

Oh shit sorry I was confusing you with somebody else. Paris I think. Anyway I wasn’t talking shit about it. When I’m up there I wouldn’t mind getting some games in with you if you’re up to it. I do remember you were cool from evo 2k2.

Black Karl is the shit where in the hell did he go?


i’m pretty new to the pdx/nw "fighting scene"
i’ll never excel like most of the players here, but what i do respect is the commroderie.
you’ve been around longer than i have and i can appreciate that, but shit talking just makes you out to be a chump.

from personal experience, i learned my lesson a while ago.

i don’t think anybody here cares enough about a player that’s outlived his prime to fly out to ga for money matches.
a: it’s humid as fuck down there
b: take it to evo.


oh shit, way to tell someone

what the fuck is it with you PDX people and drama?:rofl:

man pfft on your drama

:lovin: NEP(northeast portland) baby!

ps this is lawrence



I’m kinda glad nobody acts like that up here. Fuckin’ internet tuff guy act.

wasn’t he originally from wa?


No idea. Never heard of this fool.

oh shit.

his bad then.


This guy needs a healthy dose of shut the fuck up. My soul hurts from these posts.