here you go

I’m far from past my prime. I’m hitting a tournament in a couple weeks here. I may go to EVO but I doubt it. If I were past my prime why wouldn’t somebody fly out here for money matches and fly back if I was footing the bill? Doesn’t make sense unless people think I’m not past my prime. Some of the top players in ATL have been giving me props on DR so guess I’m doing something right.

As for me being an internet tough guy? I beat brian’s ass in tilt in person to the point that he had his friends jump me from behind. I tried to get Fred to stop his shit talking by beating his ass but he always ran like the bitch he is. In case you missed it I’m not just an internet tough guy I do the same shit in person. Hell ask Karl, dennis, super joe, SLA, Jackson or even frank he knows I’m fucking crazy. If it’s still around you’ll see similiar posts from me WHILE i was in portland and nobody would ever take me up on my offer then either. Call me a tough guy or not but I’ve got no problem saying and doing the same shit in person. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

NEP > hillsboro who the fuck lives in hillsboro anyway I mean fuck move to gresham or beaverton get a real suburb.

Ok I didn’t want to go here but you all pushed me. Here it is I propose a barbed wire cage death match with a series of games including tic tac toe, monopoly, connect four and candyland scrabble any tie breakers will be conducted with a game of pong. FT 10 100 a game. Thats how we roll in the A. So whats it gonna be bitches? I’ll even handicap myself and play scrabble with Y as my only vowel. Whats up now bitches.

Note that the original poster has been banned here for “clarifying” that he wasn’t “just making” threats.

Fight in a ring if you must. The world’s got more than enough thugs.

Thanks :tup:

Hopefully he won’t pull a Duc jr. on us :rolleyes:

Gangbangin’ Fo’ Life.

I wanna fight this guy. :rofl: EDIT: Except for the part where he brings knives to the arcade.