Here's a good idea for a street fighter game

Why niot have every single character from Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max and Street Fighter 3:Third Strike and Morrigan for a Darkstalker character.It will be released for the PS3,Xbox360,Wii,PS2,DS,and PSP.It will feature a World Tour mode,Team Battle Mode,Online Play with single or tag matches,online voice chat,THE RETURN OF DRAMATIC BATTLE MODE!! The variety of Survival matches from SFA 3(some versions).

What do you think?


man you are about to get it, subscribed lol

thread degradation in 3…2…1…

I think you’re going to be destroyed in a few seconds.

It’s not Lupus…

Wait…maybe this IS flamebait…or maybe the next 15 posts will talk about “You’re gonna get it” or shit like that.

Does anyone else think THAT will happen instead of huge shitfests?

Capcom Representatives are shitting their pants right now.
Such a brilliant idea, thanks man thanks.
You’re gonna put capcoms kids into college.

Why just Morrigan? Why not add SFEX3? 2D vs 3D?!!!11! How about those dinosaur guys from CFJ?!!!11!

welcome to what srk IS. As soon as you accept that, things will be so much easier for you lol :rofl:

Not bad for a newcomer eh?

Capcom needs a Street Fighter game like that to compete against MK Armegadon

he said morrigan sprite, flamebait found :confused:

Yeah, obvious flamebait. This post made lol. Literatly.

Compete with MK Armageddon? So make 10 different versions of Ryu, each with a different colored headband?


Mugen’s hoes did that already.

Bullshit!? No, THIS…IS…SHORYUKEN!!!

If I could invent a time machine, I would do so for the sole purpose of registering at SRK earlier than 2007.

Failure to represent.

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Edit: 2k2 reg with 38 posts? I have lurked far too much

You and I both, Vynce.

OMG!!! the world is going to an end