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How do you read your opponent?

try different moves in the early part of the first round before your opponet has enough meter to make u pay too bad, knock them down and stand over them to see if they mash a wakeup move, jump and see if the are solid with anti-airs ect

Reading ones opponents is something of an intangible skill. It’s about being able to recognize their tendencies and also being able to capitalize on them. Its a matter of noticing what your opponent is doing, when they are doing it, but also why. What you need to do will flow from those questions.

Jasinedward mentions some good things to do when trying to get a read on your opponent. But once you recognize that your opponent is throwing out wakeup moves, you have to ask why. Is it because thats just how they roll? is it because theyre just being random? or did they peg you for someone who will always jump in and are using the wakeup move as their answer?

But you have to force your opponent to make choices, and basically keep a mental rolodex of how they react and why. When those situations come up again you’ll have a better sense of how that individual player, or even just that style of player, will react, and you can then start forcing them into various situations. These situations usually leave them with few options, and ideally for you, few good options. Once they have a limited set of options you can start picking the best counters to them, this usually ends with your opponent guessing wrong (since you have the advantage) and you look like you’re reading your opponent like a book.

It is a matter of playing tons of matches and you will start to notice patterns. Also if you are playing online a lot, you will play some of the same people over and over, but not always back to back. Grab some blank index cards and a box for them. After you play someone, makes some notes on what character they choose and how they played. After a while you will be able to nab the persons card right before the match and have an idea what they play like instead of having to go by memory. your notes will change over time because they are growing as players as well :slight_smile: