Here's an old ass kof2k2 Angel match vid for those of you who missed it

It’s exhibition match of a Korean player named Nosaka… I’m not sure if he’s still around. I think this may have been posted at snk related sites, but I don’t think it’s been here. This is waay back in early 2003. I’m cleaning my drive out, and I thought why not, yall been cool so I’ll share.

I’ll put the match up again when the link dies. Oh and open on a new browser.

EDIT! Holy crap, jester I didn’t see your thread at all. damn, my bad.

Pretty sick. I’m bringin ghetto angel to the free tourney gogogo

GOD! I never knew Angel could be used so… effectively. Gotta give her a try out in Neowave now.

Cyberfanatix has some NASTY NeoWave combos (including Angel), but you have to be registered.

Damn…is she this good in KoF2k1 also?

I didn’t know Angel can even be good…WTF indeed.

nice moves looks like shes a cancel freak ill have to give her a try out.

Shes even deadlier, She has about 6 infinites. Sad thing is that there are tons of infinites on her :frowning: She has this wierd juggle bug Im sure you know about.

The Lord is my Sheppard. Rush down or what! :karate: Awsome.

Those crossups in the second and third round are lethal. Absolute bad ass control from both sides. Damn I need to import NW now.

Edit: To be honest I don’t think I’ve seen crossing up like it. The timing and poositioning of those dash teleports is perfect for what’s needed to be done. Reps for the player.

Is there any other characters like her, or is she the only one in it?

kof … :clap:


THis isn’t neowave, it’s 2002. Angel has some stuff changed in neowave, most notably her f,f infinite.

Hmm I never heard of that glitch before. Only several people I know play Kof2K1 but not that good.

But I believe you since you got a silhouette of Angel’s super move as your avatar.

Its like, shes more capable of being juggled insanely. Like an infinite against her with goro is just d/f C all damn day, same with maxima. Kim can just stomp the hell out of her.

Sexy angel, its true what Mystic said though. 2k1 angel =(, kinda like 2k2 Chris only infinites ;p.

Or yama. Also maylee is like that somehow. Same with kula in 2k1, kim can do his kick stomp infinite on her aswell. Angel is mexican, Therefore she is my fav character. Btw if anyone can find me a .gif of her infinite the favor will be returned with all the porn you want. :slight_smile:

Kind of depressing that she’s your favorite because she’s mexican.

I always had a feeling Angel was pwnage. :lol:

angel always pwned and i miss that glitch with kyo on angel i kinda remember that u can kinda see her nipple wen the game freezes lol in 2k1

Anybody got some other good match videos of 2k2?

Umm, Theres a site with a shitload of videos on 2k2. I know that taikoubou knows where they are at. i think atleast, he knew…Btw angel is my fav character because I myself am mexican, We mexicans connect like that.