Here's my artwork


This is something that took me a while to draw. I never drew so many characters before, and most if not all of my pieces never had so much detail. Yeah, i am a lazy artist. Anyway, some of the designs for these characters are either loosely based on or a full on copy of their movie designs. shamelessly i used my batman design for this piece.

here’s something i did not too long ago.

thanks for looking


that’s a really incredible composition you got there O_O it’s not easy to do one with so many characters and I think you pulled it off really really nicely. All the details are amazing.


thanks man.

here are more

some of these are repeats, but since i have a new username (somehow my old one must’ve been deleted), this is a fresh new start.


I like that kick Batman is doing v.s Capt. looks serious




Some more

Rock Howard unleashing his raging storm for the first time.

Rock vs Mel, the rivals in this fan manga that I’m forever working on.


I like your stuff, the Avengers vs Justice League one is pretty sweet. Love the POV for the Rock Howard raging storm pic.
The portraits make me think that you’re a Naruto fan – I’m getting that vibe somehow.


Thanks for the compliments. My style is heavily influenced by artists like kinu, ikeno, other capcom artists I can’t remember ATM, but kishimoto (of naruto) is included as well. I like his manga style, simple and clean, and his portraits reflect that. Since I’m such a huge fan of ikeno and kishimoto, I wanted my designs to be a blend of those two styles. I hope I managed some of that.


here’s a teaser on what i’ve been working on recently

here’s the deal.

i’ve been forever working on a fan manga of street fighter vs king of fighters. literally forever, i’m not joking. in fact my old username here was ineeddrugz and i’ve posted an older version of the drawing above years ago. i’ve updated it with this new one, where i feel like my skills in drawing have improved a bit, and now i’m taking the artistic style in a different direction, leaning towards the stocky but cool looking design of street fighter IV.

so if any veterans here are experiencing a little dejavu, well, that’s because you are. anyway, i just DLed gimp and am trying to figure out how to use the program. i was experimenting the prog with the drawing above. brightening the image and darkening the lines. as soon as i clean up the other pages i already drew, i’ll post more.


here’s another page


here’s another.

ok i’m gonna keep working on it, these are just samples. tweaking in progress if you will. still trying to figure out the perfect settings with gimp on brightness and darkness.

it doesn’t help when i’m adjusting with an lcd screen on a laptop.


These are great! watches thread


Oh I’m sorry I must be in the wrong thread. I thought I read “artwork” in the title.


Trolling is a art.


warning given to mowr.