Here's something you don't see everyday

I’m not sure if this belongs in “art” necessarily but it’s a screenshot I captured while my brother and I were teaming up against Bison in Alpha 1’s Dramatic Battle Mode. We were playing the emulated US arcade version on the XBOX with only one cheat enabled. The cheat forced us to both be Akuma (but you’ll notice we maintained Ken and Ryu’s outfits). I promise this screenshot has not been altered in any way, other than resizing it (the original is very small):

It took a few times to get it right, plus if player 2 (me, the Ken-colored Akuma) gets hit then he changes automatically to a grey color, closer to the original Akuma color. Here are some other screenshots captured during our play:

And the original:

And if anyone wanted to know, the victory icon we got for the win under the lifebar was a rope (shown for throws), not the Kanji. :rolleyes:

this is not art, and as a result doesn’t belong on this forum. thx for sharing, but this thread is closed.