Hero/Villain song themes

Not to start another thread so early, but I’ve been doing this list for a while now and would like to see you guys take a crack at it.

The idea is to find a song, any song, that fits a character in comics pretty much dead on. Like when you read about this character, you could hear that song blaring. Either that, or something funny and semi-related to the character, I got a few of each.

So take a crack at it, I’m having a writer’s block towards songs on this subject currently.

Marvel Comics:

Kingpin= Rick Ross Ft. T-Pain- The Boss.

Dr. Doom= Coldplay- Viva La Vida (Sure I’ll get flak for this one, but listening to the lyrics is sounds good.)

Cyclops= OneRepublic- Stop and Stare.

Professor X= Finger Eleven- Paralyzer. (Lol, had to.)

Deadpool= Bea Arthur’s song in the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Iron Man= Black Sabbath- Iron Man (Duh.)

ROM Spaceknight= Styx- Mr. Roboto.

That’s about it so far, haven’t worked on DC heroes yet or thought of much else. Figured it’d be a fun time waster for people on here.


For some reason I always think of Wolverine whenever I hear Linkin Park’s “Crawling.”


And after this AMV I will always associate Guts of Berserk with “Rat in a Cage.”


The name of that song is “Bullet with Butterfly Wings.”

Also, the image 45 seconds into that video is extremely phallic.

Oh that’s the name of the song? Cool thanks.

Captain America - Captain America’s Theme from Marvel Super Heroes :rofl::rofl:

Sorry couldn’t resist but that song’s way too good!

mmm for my boy deadpool id consider something by bloodhound gang
basically mope, fire water burn or i hope you die

and my other boy aka emo blind lawyer, id pick heart of gold by neil young

i love old smashing pumkins…such classic stuff.

Wow, for once we both love the same thing. High five, maxx, high five HIGH FIVE

Unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case you’d be a friggin’ jerk.

no i’m dead serious my holy trinity as a kid was green day,rage against the machine and smashing pumkins. pumkins music videos are god tier.

Thor - Immigrant Song
Conan - The Anvil of Crom