Heroclix, anyone?


For those who don’t know, Heroclix is a game started by Wizkids using various comic companies back in 2002. Each character has statistics and powers represented on a power ring, and the figure is “Clicked” when it is dealt damage, once the KO markers pop up he’s, well, knocked out. It’s sort of like Chess, except the pieces beat the shit out of each other.

So who plays? What’s your favorite teams and do you do tourny’s?

For theme purposes I like using the Injustice League team and playing the Society feat card. Tournament wise I usually use Owl-Man, Johnny Quick, Spoiler, and wildcards. Cards are limited at our stores, so I usually don’t use Vet. Superman (You know the one) and kit him out to deal super damage.

Lately gaming has been down thanks to UFS and other games, but I’m trying to get my hands on a Parallax, Ultra-Man and Fing Fang Foom to put some ass kicking on my friends Spectre.


I collect, but I don’t play much.

my favorite team is the Teen Titans, and the Justice League.

other fun ones to play are the Marvel Family, JSA, and Kingdom Come (I don’t have any of the KC minis, but a friend does, and they’re sick…I get steamrolled if he rocks the KC team)

I do have some great rares (Amazo is a fantastic piece).

I don’t collect the Marvel ones though.

Owlman is a great piece…and I love the sculpt…I have the original Darkseid, but in some ways, the newer ones are better than the Hypertime Unique!

Phasing Green Lantern never got depowered, that piece is still broken as fuck.


Yeah I want some KC’s, but those guys go for a crap load of money. A Marvel Zombies set is another I’d like, but I doubt that I’ll pay $400 for 4 figures. JSA got a huge boost in the new Origins set, and the new Captain Marvel (called Shazam! for legal purposes) Is one of the nastiest figures. Also The Wizard Shazam is a $100 pull, and has the Quitissential or w.e power.



I wish I could get the DC Giants and GLC sets, as well as the Spectre…though, I’ll probably never afford 'em.


Giants is only $40, and the GLC is $30, you can buy them in stores now. My friend picked both sets up, and they are worth it. Tomar-Re has a 12 range with running shot, energy explosion and I believe 3 damage on his first click.


if I were gonna do a Marvel Zombies set, it’d feature compatibility with Horrorclix.

anyway, my store doesn’t have 'em, but $30 ain’t bad for the GLC set.

who all is in it?


GLC set list: http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/dc/figuregallery.asp?releaseid=81

The marvel zombies characters they have now aren’t horrorclix ready, but I have heard that the set they are making is going to be playable in both games.

The new hellboy set is going to be playable in both games as well.

I still love to play heroclix, but I haven’t been able to get to the weekly games in my area for some time now. I play mostly indy characters and I have almost all of the indy set minus one or two figures. Certain marvel characters get a lot of play as well, mostly from mutant mayhem, because I love that set.

It is a real challenge to win games against supernova thanos, vet superman and support units when I have my indy theme team. It is a hell of a lot of fun though.

I have never played horror clix, and I don’t intend to as nobody I know plays it. I do have the giant Cthulhu model though, because it looks awesome.


The Hellboy set is out, I was checking it at my local shop.


Hellboy set is cool, comes with Hellboy as a baby. The Indy set never sold well where I am, and Marvel out sells DC. We usually has a tourny every sunday, and the usuals show up. All the newbies end up using Vet. Superman, and since they can’t use him effectively, he gets outwitted and slaughtered. Since our tourny’s are unrestricted we can take whoever we want, and I ALWAYS see Rookie Black Panther from the first Marvel set, stealth and outwit and he’s so cheap…so cheap.

I got fed up with the Superman trend, and one tournament took the Batman team Superman. Everyone else had Vet. Superman, this was my force (From what I remember):

Bat team Superman
R. Jinx
V. Spoiler
U. Ka-Zar
U. Owlman

Jinx would copy the Bat team, hide in a random bush and psychic blast while providing Probability Control. Superman would hypersonic after the biggest threat’s defense was outwitted, deal 5 damage, and then retreat to a nearby terrain marker. Spoiler, Ka-Zar, and Owlman snuck around and dealt serious damage to the weaker figures. I was 5-0 by the end of the day.

Suffice to say not a lot of people use V. Superman anymore, and it’s made the gameplay better and more enjoyable.

Horrorclix is a great game, but seems to be only for a niche playing base. I currently have a 30+ Zombie collection, which I use in casual heroclix games as well as Horrorclix. They may be slow, but all of them have toughness and can overwhelm easily.


I dunno, in my area, DC is big, they can’t keep DC in stock.

they always order heavy on Marvel, but around here, the crowds seem to gravitate more towards DC (in comics buying and in miniatures)

I have a fairly decent collection (all DC), probably close to 100 or more figures (most of my favorite characters)…

I’ll snap some pics sometime, so you can see who I have.