Heroclix N' Other Ish


Yeah this thread is about the greatest game ever made heroclix…

Post up your favorite strategies…

And hopefully SRK will dominate the heroclix world…

Last match i played i got dominated by a very CHEESY fantastic 4 team…

Mr. Fantastic invisible woman and thing layed the smack down…

I played with Steel Human Monolith quicksilver and an aim agent…

I shoulda used my range to my advantage but i decided to run up on the 4 with steel and thing cracked my head with a hotdog stand…

All in all i think steel and the monolith can reach greatness if i fin the right support for them…

Any thoughts…


awesome, I’ve been hoping for a thread like this.

Currently I run a team with Jay garrick flash, movement for 20 with hypersonic speed. and I play Joker from Arkham with Riddler from Arkham for perplex hahaha.
I’ve been getting schooled by new dr. strange, that guy is ridiculous.

monbaby, you play the online game of heroclix?


Game got boring when Nightcrawler got banned and seemed to die off in general. I thought they stopped making sets after Indy Clix

I’ll keep an eye on this thread though.

Back in the day I ran Nightcrawler+Support (Rookie Convicts, Sauron, Jane Foster)
Danger Girl
Judge Dredd



I have to second dr. strange being very annoying…

free trick shot?.. what where these people thinking…

Nah i don’t play online…


check out this susan richards, ridiculous feat card:

which versions of fantastic four were they using? LOL, i always think about using gimmick teams, like a skrull team, or hell even teams there aren’t abilities for, like the x-ternals or the champions


the ones that came with the fantastic forces pack…

That invisible woman is ridiculous…

Actually what makes that team bad is the fact that mr fantastic can perplex +2…

Also they have the fantastic 4 team ability card which allows them to share defense…

So mr fantastic perplexes things defense to 20 and everyone on the team has a 20 defense…

Gotta roll high to beat that shit…

Actually my favorite piece is the joker…


he’s retired but that first click is a monster and he always seems to land on the right clix every game i play him…


<HC masta
and not to put a damper on the thread but wiz kid announed that topps will be dropping HC as well as other games.

So HC is up in the air as if it will continue to be made, it prob will just because it sells so well. Just needs a vendor.


Oh man my brother won a reigonal championship in Heroclix a few years back, got a Galactus too. I haven’t played in few years, but I’ve seen the new figures. They are complete ass.

Amazo is still my favorite figure, because I’m a whore for top tier :smiley:


Fear the NEXTWAVE TEAM (they don’t have Elsa or Captain ones :sad:)


yeah I heard about this on monday. dissapointing, especially since hammer of thor was releasing soon. but yeah, im sure someone will pick it up. I haven’t bought too many packs lately, just individual pieces I want.
My favorite piece, I usually run him with a medic and con artist, 299 points lol


You do not strike me as someone who would have played Heroclix.

I haven’t played in like three years, how much different is the game now?


Very, but at the same time not to different.


Jesus I remember when Legacy came out and the tournaments here were dominated by him for like six months before people actually started working around him and killing his support, then opening up on him.

Casual play with my friends with him was hilarious as well.

Arkham Asylum is the next set, right? Because there’s a huge poster for it at the local card store, but I don’t see it in stock.


Perplex ends as your turn does, so technically (and this is just what the dude who ran the tournaments when I was playing said) your 20 defense is for your turn only, not the opponent’s turn.


Preplex last’s until the being of your turn now.

also a new rule change is that Share defend only works for unmodified defenses now unless its combat reflexes. So If you perplex someone’s def up to 20 from 18 that has share defense and stand them next another character they only benefit from the 18 Share defense. Same thing for team abilities also wild cares use there team ability to share there defense but can benefit from other team abilities that do share defense


this is correct. LOL, i hate the dr. strange strategy of him using special ability defend, put 4 pogs around him, and perplex up his defense. now a pog has ridiculous defense, and strange can shoot through them


I used to play, always had a good time, never did any tournies or anything was just a friends game, I use to love whoring out IC Firelords :rofl:: http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?unitid=2095

I stopped playing at least 2-3 years ago, I have so many figures still, I sold almost all of my Uniques, thinking about selling my Galactus too, shit I still like 30 unopened boosters of DC Unleashed :looney:

Time to check Ebay see what stuff is going for :wonder:


Is tourney standard still 500 pts?
Man…I miss this game.

Also, perplex was broke as fuck back in the day.

Rookie Conartist had it.
11 pts.
3 clicks of health. 1 click had Perplex

Not the strongest click in the world but yeah. The fact she only cost 11 points made her pretty broke. You could put tons of them in pretty much any team and make any character a tank.

You could use Experienced iirc as well. and IIRC veteran con artist didn’t have it.


Most tourneys I went to were 300 pts
and yeah conartist gets a lot of play, cheap perplex


hahaha, move conartist, next turn push, and bingo, 11 point perplex. yeah tourney standard is 300