Heroclix players in Seattle?

Trying to find more people to play on wednesdays at crossroads…there are free prizes and if more people come wizkids will give us free junk as well.

I had to wikipedia this shit down because I had no clue to what the hell this was. You need to stop playing with figurines, and work my my stick. Quit slackin’ like a mexi. Don’t worry, I still love you.

Actually, I know a group of people that knows how to play that game. setup a time and date and I’ll see what’s up.


Mebbe you should go see that man Mechanigga.

(All in good fun!)

Tight, can you show them this thread or have them talk to me at Zach’s tommorow?

The meeting place is at Unkel’s games in crossroads mall in Redmond, Wednesdays anytime after work, since I work in Redmond I am there at 5:20 or so after I do a tacobell run…

It’s weird. I finished wiring the pad, and I actually cut the cable to the PCB so that it would fit through the wooden hole without drilling it so it’d look nice…but when I plugged it in, the LED for the pad did not turn on… I haven’t attached the Quick Disconnects (I need to buy the right size, do you have the right size for this stick?) but I assume there’s a short somewhere. The wires sony uses in the DS1’s cables are RIDICULOUSLY thin and hard to work with.

ANyone play magic:the gathering? I can bring decks to Zach’s on friday…

Julien you should man up and start playing Hero Clix.

They won’t show up to Zach’s tomorrow but I can talk to you about it in further detail homie!

magic the gathering super joe would be hyped right now.

Kenny, are your friends still comming next wednesday?

Hahaha. I read this like three times thinking “What? I’ve never even heard of heroclix.” until I actually read what you quoted. :rofl:

What’s happenin’ Wednesday?

Sorry! I totally forgot about it.

I think one of my friends have aim. let me hit him up and ill give you his name or something.

Heroclix@crossroads mall, Uncles games

Man…heroclix is still making expansions?

I quit after they banned Nightcrawler.

They tried to replace him with Golden Age: Super-Man. But it wasn’t the same.

Jane Foster + Nightcrawler + Sauron + Con Artists x’s N in 500 pts format = Busted.


I played the Halo version of heroclix or actionclix or whatever at PAX, it was pretty cool actually. I dig.