Heroes and Heralds mode discussion thread

This mode is now available! Choose your side and fight!

This is a new separate mode that has been added as** FREE** DLC to UMvC3. It’s similar to the SFxT gem system, where you use cards in specific decks to adjust your team with abilities and buffs.



Each week you will chose your side, Heroes or Heralds, and fight it out online to save or defend the earth with your deck of cards you have created. At the end of each week, earth’s fate will be decided.

The offline play is what earns you cards, and is guided by a territory control system. There is a hit-list for targeting specific characters, and if you can line the X’s on the hit-list up in a line (ala bingo) you will open an opportunity to unlock rarer cards.

Here is a complete list of the cards available


Since this is an entirely separate mode, I think this sounds like a really fun and interesting addition. The ability to join clans and collect tons of cards (over 100, with I’m sure more to come) makes this pretty much a completely different way to play the game, and could be very interesting in it’s own right.

Plus it will most certainly appeal to casual players which is good for this game, because they can easily be turned off by getting bodied by huge combos. Especially since this version will already have many players with a lot of experience with MvC3.

Seth Killian has said that this mode will not be balanced, and is more for pure fun.

Here you can talk about cards, strategies, form clans, and other general discussions about H&H mode.

I’ll update this thread with more info as it comes in.

i already made the thread >_>
its ok though i’ll just delete mine :slight_smile:

i dont know how to delete threads lol:sweat:

Sorry man, I didn’t see yours. I must have been making mine as your’s went up. And I don’t know how to either, lol.

Now that’s something. Can’t wait to mess around with it.

I wonder how creative people will get with the “special cancels into specials” card. I’m imagining things like cancelling Haggar’s Hoodlum launcher when it’s blocked into Piledriver and stuff like that.

You’re not thinking big enough: Plasma B-Plasma Plasma Plasma Plasma!

Fuuuuuu I rushed home so I could make this thread. Official SRK clan GO!

The only Gem/card I see myself using is Parry.

I wanna parry Galactus’ triple beam hyper. That is my dream!

Oh man could you imagine if both Doom and Ironman mashed their beams as hard as possible


Lol this sounds really really cool, unlike the Gem system this is confirmed to be a whole new mode and not just an option you can turn off or on. Awesome, looks like pure fun, Parrying? Adding invincibility to assists? lol, lets gooooo. I def. wont regret getting it now.

Silly but semi-serious response: If I play this mode, I will run decks of nothing but Nina (Breath of Fire)'s card. Perhaps sprinkled in with Amaterasu and Frank West cards. Otherwise it will be angel-mage all day erry day.

Constructive response: As a side event, I might give it a try. I am glad it is optional and can be kept distinct from ‘base characters behavior’ play. If it ends up being neat, who knows, maybe I will join a clan.

Ridiculous response: I will play this mode with my headset on, just so I can get banned from XBL by yelling “You just triggered my trap card, Yugi!!!11one” over and over.

Nina from breath of fire? Damn you capcom. Teasing my favorite series’ characters as cards and never actually giving us a legit BoF character… Come on let’s get some Fou Lou in MVC3 >:(

Okay, whoa, just to make absolutely clear: I am assuming and guessing regarding a Nina card. There is no proof we’d be getting one. I’d say more about your post (I agree with the broad sentiments, at least!), but that would be wandering off-topic. Good to see a fellow fan in any case!

As a guideline - how about nobody talks about specific cards until we get confirmation that they exist. Otherwise, things are gonna get ugly fast.

Sorry man, I wanted to grab this one. At first I was really turned off by this mode because I thought it was going to be implemented into the whole game, but once I learned it’s separate, it sounds really awesome.

And I agree, SRK clan let’s go!

I’ve gotta goto work, but I’ll be back in 3 hours and I’ll update the thread then.

haha, alright. At any rate as far as we know they aren’t teasing us. BoF for life!

A remember Seth saying Multiple-man making a cameo somewhere in the game, I guess he meant here.

Ghetto Pendulum cancel by doing Gong with Hsien-Ko?

This sounds really fun.

Analyze analyze analyze analyze cube.

I can see the front page now when the article hits front page “OMG ANOTHER USELESS FEATURE!” when just a little while ago, lack of content was the hot topic for MVC3. But I do like this mode, sounds like fun