Heroes & Heralds Connectivity Issues

This is just a general question to those who play a lot of 'Roes and 'Ralds.

Ever since that mode came out, I’ve found it nearly impossible to connect to anyone online. The first few days of it coming out were an exercise in frustration in terms of just finding an opponent and after the first week I haven’t really been able to get a connection at all. I can easily get a match in regular online matches, but not with 'Roes and 'Ralds.

Is it really this dead in terms of how many people are actually playing it or is something just iffy with my internet? Is anyone else having as much difficulty finding an opponent as I am?

same… i get a couple of games… get a 5-9 win streak… and till now, 1 hour passed and no match found. -_-

people just got tired of this mode since most just use Sabertooth, Luke Cage, Luke Cage with high health, high damage output characters and run the whole match. I think this mode had potential but most ppl ended up using decks that boosted health and/or hp meter…and too many ragequitters and boosters