Heroes of newerth!

Hey guys, anyone here play? im a mid 1600psr player looking for people to tmm with. add my account: sexpot

also, if any of you are interested in this dota genre, HoN is currently having a sale on accounts. they usually sell for $30 but right now it’s specially priced at $10. it’s a one time buy, and you have access to all the heroes , unlike LoL where you have to buy any new heroes that come out. If anyone is interested, please feel free to use my referral link :slight_smile:


hella people play hon.

mike ross
jeff shaeffer
pr balrog
hevad khan

are you allowed to use referral links on SRK??

Unless something has changed, it hasn’t been a problem in the past.

BTW. I bought it off your referral. Though, I have no idea how to play these types of games.

500 gold coins per referral. Good deal.

I play HoN. Account: Tonpu

Anyone above 1700 in HoN on here? (in MMR, not public games) I’m mid 1700s and wouldn’t mind playing with some decent people =)

I am. I’m looking for 1 person to play TMM with that has similar stats as me. If you have 2+ k:d ratio, 500+ xp/min, 55%+ win lets play!

lol… nvm. im bad compared to that. 1740ish currently with 1.4 KDR lol.

I didn’t do well one game and someone start yelling at me in a foreign language.

I’m still definitely down to play some games with you and other srkers! Anyone down for pub games?

yea add me on knx` or sexpot. although im a 1600 player im still learning and improving a lot since i first started and tanked to 1100 psr lol >_<

Here’s some good news for new players (or people who want to try the game).

IGN Prime (ign premium account) gives a HON trial key that allows you to play for free for 30 days. It also gives you free gold and silver coins and a Dryad Warden skin. IGN Prime does cost money, but there is a free trial you can sign up for.

They also have training videos for new players. After you get Prime, just:

Go to this link: http://login.ign.com/prime/promos/hon/index.aspx
Click on "Learn."
Watch the awesome training videos made by Diva and Ms. Pudding.

They also have special IGN Prime tournaments.

I have like 1650 psr right now, my handle is DProto
I play everyday with some friends, i created a clan and i have 15 dudes in.

i’m bad but I play this game.
my handle is the same: gbursine

Thread maker should change the name of the thread to include the $10 discount price.