Heroes vs Heralds


I can’t find heroes vs heralds in offline mode for some reason. I know I have it. I played it a lot. Do you have to be signed into live or something? Can’t find it in any offline play modes. Anyone know what i may be missing? Thanks!


You can set card abilities in training mode. Just set it up as a normal battle and you can play it offline. It’s a bit tedious but it’s the only option


If it’s not offline, then you might have to re-update your game.


I bought a disc copy of UMVC3 and it was already there so I don’t think it was a DLC.


Pretty sure it was an added feature. At any rate it should still be available to play on and offline.


Once you update the game it will show up for online and offline. I’m not sure about PSN but you can still get the latest update on 360 by booting up the game while connected to the internet (I installed it last week).


Is the mode an update or dlc on the market because capcom took off eveything?