Heroes World SF4 Survey/Info/Feedback


Good turnout for the event, we had 24 people. Ok, so some people wanted me to post the original survey that we used during the tournament. Also, I’ll post the data collected so far out of 18 people and what it probably means for HW. Also, some additional questions that we missed.

RESULTS: http://challonge.com/images/brackets/hwsf4mar20.png

  1. Would you come back to another HW SF4 Tourney?
    YES - 18
    NO - 0

Yeah, it’s gonna happen again.

  1. Do you feel ENTRY FEE is at the right price?
    YES - 13
    HIGHER - 5
    LOWER - 0

Yeah, it’s staying at $10.

  1. What is your preferred day for HW SF4 Tourney?
    SAT - 13
    SUN - 1
    EITHER 4

Yeah, it’s always going to be on Saturday.

  1. Would you like to participate in another HW SF4 Tourney prior to SSF4?
    YES - 17
    NO - 1

Yeah, HW is probably going to do another one in April.

  1. How often would you like HW SF4 Tournies?
    EVERY 2 WEEKS -12
    EVERY 3 WEEKS - 6
    EVERY 4 WEEKS- 0

Hmm, who knows maybe a tourney every 2 weeks but maybe HW dosen’t want to burn people out and keep it at every 3 weeks. It’ll be up to the owners aka Coolasice.

  1. How often would like HW SF4 Tourney right after SSF4 for first 3 months aka SUMMER?
    EVERY WEEK - 10
    EVERY 2 WEEKS - 6
    EVERY 3 WEEKS - 2

Same thing again with the last question except every 2 weeks for weekly and 3 weeks for 2 weeks.

  1. What system do you prefer to play?
    360 - 6
    PS3 - 4
    EITHER - 8

Well, it seems pretty down the wire so it’s either gonna remain a mix or whatever is more convenient.

  1. What do you think HW SF4 Tourney needs more of?
    SCREENS - 10
    STICKS - 9
    SYSTEMS - 7
    NOTHING - 2

I’m pretty shocked that people want more sticks at the store. We had 2 360 Hori going and 2 TE PS3 being shared for people. Screens, I heard some complains that 2 of them were slightly off but was still fine for execution purposes. Systems, I believe it was because we were using a mix of 2 PS3 and 2 360 for 4 setups. I think probably the next investment would be in a larger screen and SSF4 Copies but thats up to the store aka Coolasice.

  1. Do you want to change the format to RANBAT Tournaments?
    YES - 14
    NO - 4

Besides for bragging purposes this would probably also mean that those higher in point score would get priority in seeds for off number tournaments. We’ll probably do the next one as RANBAT or right after SUPER.

  1. Would you pay $3-5 for a lifetime membership to RANBATS if it would mean having a $250 HDTV Recorder for Randoms, TOP 8, and Fonney Matches?
    If YES
    $3 - 5
    $4 - 0
    $5 - 7
    NO do not care for recorded matches - 6

I think it’ll probably happen. This is more for me since I’m going to be handing the $250 to buy the thing. I think it’s a question of how many unique people the store would get for the charge price. I really do want to show off more Canadian players in HD on Youtube. Hopefully, we can get some commentators as well.

  1. On non-tournament days would you like to play Casuals for $5 from 12-6pm?
    YES - 9
    NO - 9

Probably won’t happen until the Summer when more people are free and we pose the question again.

Additional Comments

Space - Comments about the space were that for playing it was a little bit tight but overall good. HW has pretty much confirmed that future tournaments are going to be held in the back room which has almost double the amount of space.

More Tournament Data - We were trying to record score of amount of sets but gave up halfway. Next time we’ll probably do it fully and also add characters used.

Additional Questions

  1. Anyone up for any other game tournaments like T6, BB,TVC, SMASH etc.? SF4 3v3?
  2. Was Mixed Consoles too messy?
  3. Do you think the tournament was organized?
  4. Any problems or comments with the tournament?
  5. Any questions you want ask HW?


yeah, guys input is always appreciated! so post up…or PM me or Radica with your comments

this was our first tourney so apologies for any lack of organization, but now that we know how it goes i should go alot smoother next time (i hope). We didn’t know how tight it was gonna be when we were testing the night before, as we only had like 4 people kicking around to test out some of the set-ups, but now we know how much space we’ll need so we’ll definitely spread to the attached game room, and spread the tvs out so we can get a little more breathing room and more people can get in on watching the games as well…also in the summer we’ll be able to open the back door so we get plenty of fresh air

screens and sticks and systems are definitely where the future money is gonna go…our bad for forgetting the speakers for the final monitor. and i think one of the LCDs was dying…it seemed to be getting darker and darker…but again we need $$$ to improve those avenues

also Heroes World would definitely chip in for the HD recorder as well!

i’ll be coming up with some possible dates for an april event, so keep an eye out

hope to hear from you soon


It’s still a long way away, but would the summer SSF4 casual sessions be during the week or on weekends?


we can do either, it’d just depend on when you players can come out. We’re normally open from 10am to 9pm on weekdays, and weekends are 10am to 6pm…we could even run some later night sessions as well if demand is there, some fridays we’re open till 11pm for example

so the potential is there, we can usually have on hand at least one ps3 and usually 2 xboxes and 2 screens…so if we can get some $$$ rolling in we can increase from there (basically as long as ppl are cool with paying the venue fees)

so if you gather up a group of ppl and set up a meet we can see if the room is available, otherwise we’ll try to set up a possible game day (something like every tuesday…or perhaps first monday of each month, or something regular like that, so at least it’s a common date)

and thanks again for swinging all the way out to markham!


I wish there was more casuals at the end of the tournament instead of those 15 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: You had some empty stations during the tournament at one point you had 3.


We also have to consider the other things that are currently in place already.

I’m guessing Fridays are out of the question since FNM is happening.

After April, I’ll be out of school (graduating!!!) so I can technically go any day of the week. =D


Casuals any day for the most part are fine except certain Saturdays that are during Magic the Gathering Pre-Releases and Releases but only happens once for each every 3-4 months. It really dosen’t take as much coordination when compared to the Tournament. I mean all you need to do is to have monitors and consoles set up. It’s more about if there’s enough people to warrant it. I mean it’d be somewhat boring if only 2 people were playing casuals. You would want at least 4 people or more, right. I’m pretty certain that we will do them for sure after April.


yeah, i felt bad having to clear everybody out so fast, but we didn’t budget extra time, so most of the staff was itching to jet at about 6:00, i manged to squeeze an extra half our out, but next time i’ll for sure be prepared to stay a little longer

Fridays would be alright, since FNM only requires about half the back room…i doubt we’d be able to have a 24 player tourney at the same time, but casuals wouldn’t be a problem, and on top of that we do stay later on fridays. We’ve got room folks, we just need players :slight_smile:


Also, many people just go to Getty on Friday but I think once Super hits theirs enough changes for people to prefer Super over Arcade.


Try your best to keep both systems viable in the tournament because myself as a pad player will be forced out, if ends up being strictly 360 (also the same for strictly ps3). Whether it brings to much trouble, there seems to be no one really upset about keeping both systems. All players are welcome rather than just stick users and 360’s/ps3


if possible, you guys should try and use the same screen across the board. Switching between different lag/aspect ratio takes some adjustments on the side of the player during a tournament match, which could cause some issues. Just make sure the screens aren’t that laggy. I believe some tests have been done…it’s probably a nice to have more than anything else.

here’s the yt vid:


While the tournament ran on time, like Ngu mentioned, there wasn’t much time for causals afterwards. I think if you guys ran all the stations all the time during the tournament, you would save quite abit of time to complete the tournament, giving more time for causals afterwards. Generally after you’re done 1st/2nd round losers you can probably start freeing up stations for causals, since a large number of players would have been elminated by then.


we’re find doing multiple systems as long as players don’t mind…it takes a bit more organization so i was worried about players getting impatient while we tried to get people on their preferred system. This would be an issue for me as well as i am a pad player also. I assume you were the pad PS3 player, as i think we only had one. I do have a modifed Xbox 360 pad that you could give a while next time your around (it’s got the dpad area sanded down so it’s actually decent to use)

on agreed, our goal is to get the money coming in so we can have 4 identical screens…and if possible i’d love to have them all running at 120Hz at the least…but this will take some time for us to get going, unless we can made some good money this summer on gaming but we’ll definitely make sure the screens proper before getting them…I can even post up what we take in for tourneys and what goes back into the gaming set-ups so players know we are using the money to improve

in regards to casuals: yeah, we had to start pairing most of the finalists on the ps3s cause they were the preferred system, so we should have fully designated the xboxes as casual systems (which kinda happend) at a certain point. Also for organization purposes it was a bit easier to finish off some of the rounds completely before moving on…but with a laptop set up next time i think i’ll be much easier. But as i mentioned if i had budgeted time afterwards it wouldn’t have been cut short (basically i need to have staff that’s PREPARED to stay later), which will be address with the next tourney for sure…hell possibly i’d love to have a separate station for just Casuals set-up as well

keep it coming folks, i’d love to be running the BEST gaming events so i love hearing the feedback, good or bad…although it is nice to hear the good stuff :slight_smile:


One thing that might help to keep things relatively constant is to use the fightpad? As crappy as it is, at least there won’t be any issues going between the PS3/X360 fightpad since the layout is the same. Granted, I’m not a very big fan of the fightpad (my brother has one) and the dpad is like the floaty X360 one…


an option…but i’d like for a few players to try the modded xbox controller and see if it’s viable as well…we here at heroes world have abundance of xbox controllers so it wouldn’t be a problem to provide these

also we could split the tourney into xbox and ps3 sections…and then possibly have the winners meet up in finals? just an idea


hey guys, got some possible dates for a follow up…just posting the dates, no tourney details yet, but assume something very similar to the last…but improved of course…possibly try out the RANBAT format if players demand it?

the dates are:

post up if your interested!


FYI, April 3rd is a long weekend, meaning turn outs for tournaments will be low.

If you do run ranbats, i actually suggest running it during the week. Weekends are precious things and it will be difficult for most players to commit every weekend to street fighter.


None of those are good days. April 3rd is the long weekend and already has a tournament in Montreal. April 10th is the big pownz qualifier tournament.


haha, whoops…okay, so perhaps we will try to get some RANBATs on a weekday going

also just occured to me we have MVC2 on two PS3s here, so we could do small MVC2


Just talked to our Contact at Udon Comics, and he’ll be hooking us up with some free Street Fighter Comic swag!! so look forward to that next tourney!


I’d play this =)