Heroes World SSF4 Tourney: May 2nd, 2010



Heroes World
8601 Warden Avenue (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 & Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949

Sunday May 2nd @ 2:00pm

12:00pm - Casual Gaming
1:30pm ? Registration
2:00pm - Tourney begins

DOUBLE Elimination
Each match will be to best of 3 rounds
Each set will be best of 3 matches (Finals will be best of 5 sets)

Street Fighter IV (Mix)
Controllers provided (TE stick for PS3, 360 and 2 Hori for 360)

Pay out will depend on turn out:
8 players - 1st=100%
9-16 players - 1st=70%, 2nd=30%
17-23 players - 1st=70%, 2nd=20%, 3rd=10%
24-32 players - 1st=70%, 2nd=20%, 3rd=10%
Cut off at 32 players.

Venue Fee:
$7.00 BUT if you register now on the thread it is a $2.00 OFF so would be $5.00

Entry Fee:

Future Schedule
May 2nd ? Tourney
May 8th ? Casuals
May 15th ? Tourney
May 22nd ? Casuals
May 29th ? Casuals
Open to change, may add more casual days, like Fri and Sun.

SRK Signups

  1. radica
  2. chowwun
  3. coolboycorporate
  4. NeoRussel
  5. Manilla555
  6. Blitzman_G for the monies
  7. JSMaster also for the monies lol

Please sign-up yourself to make things easier. Will be updating/posting additional info or changes as the date approaches. Any questions or comments feel free to post and Coolasice and I will do our best to respond.


one hell of a weekend this will be


/me crosses fingers for Mosh sighting


Yeah, originally it was suppose to be Sat but the day I was gonna post go beat by POWNZ to Saturday, so I asked around if people would want one on Sunday as well and people said yes, so here we are lol.


tell me when the “new challengers only” nonsense ends




Good shit Radica.


I’m going to put my name down for this one for now.

radica, usually, when there’s more people, it’s a 70/20/10 split, not a 60/30/10 split.

It’s like nerfing the winner for winning when the second place guy doesn’t have to worry.




put my name down

  1. radica
  2. chowwun
  3. coolboycorporate


letting you know now im winning with juri/dudely/ibuki


Don’t make me Mak you Blitz.


Will this worthy adversary triumph over my guile/sagat this time??? We shall see…


seems the team tournament has been scrapped?


Post of the year.


yeah!! I wanna see more guile! i say JS brings him to top tier level!

hope to see everyone come out…i’m still working on some cool free comic swag for this one…also working on some joystick possibilities as well


I don’t want to do a bitch move so i’m asking.
Would it be alright with the organizers here if I run a tournament the day before yours.
I know some peeps cannot come on Sunday tourney or Hamilton the day before.
I want to accommodate those people. Mine would be in Scarborough. McCowan and Eglinton area.



Yours is going to coincide with the one out in Hamilton…?

Busy weekend that one is indeed…


I’m asking them as well. Not all of us can drive to hamilton so i just want to accommodate the peeps who can’t come to both.
Busy weekend because SSFIV is out.