Heroes World Thread (Toronto/York/Markham) CASUALS EVERY WEDNESDAY

Contact Info:
Heroes World Comic Shop of the New Millennium
8601 Warden Avenue Unit 13 (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 and Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949



Wednesday Casuals 6pm to 9pm
Entry Fee: $5

Games Played:
Mostly Super Street Fighter IV: AE 2012 but we do have SFxTekken, UMVC3, and Injustice if players want.

Bring your own controller/fight stick! We’re playing mostly on Xbox at the moment.

ATTN: Heroes World will be taking break on June 26th, 2013 so there will be no session that day.

Updated on: May 29th, 2013


What is Heroes World?
-We’re a hobby shop located directly in the corner of Hwy 7 and Warden Avenue (big plaza with Shoppers Drugmart, No Frills, Futureshop, McDonalds etc). We Specialize in almost anything hobby related including Comic Books, Toys, Boardgames, Miniature Games and Boardgames, so it’s only a natural progression that we dive into the video game scene. We have a fairly big store (about 2300 square feet) and have a dedicated gaming room that will houses many types of events.

What else is in the Heroes World Plaza?
Available in the same plaza as Heroes World:
Mr. Sub
Shoppers Drug Mart
Second Cup
Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch
Milestone?s Grill & Bar
Pizza Pizza
No Frills
Teriyaki Experience
Mr. Felix and Norton Cookies
Menchies (Frozen dessert)
TD Canada Trust Bank
Scotia Bank
and more!!

What kind of equipment does Heroes World have?
-Screens: Several different computer monitors that can be used for gaming
-Systems: Mostly xbox 360s, but we have access to ps3s as well
-Joysticks: We have two modified Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Madcatz sticks that work on Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3.

So what if I gotta pee?
Bathroom on site!

Who runs these shindigs at Heroes World?
-that would be me Jon Ho aka “coolasice”. I work here at Heroes World and will be running most of the events. While not the most experienced in Street Fighter events, I have over 8 years experience in running various gaming tournaments (Magic the Gathering, Warhammer, Warmachine, etc) so I’m learning the video gaming scene and hope to run fair and fun tourneys for you guys. I’m new to the “competitive” Street Fighter scene coming from a more casual background. I’m eager to learn but will most likely get my butt kicked the more “pro” players…but this is not really relevant since when I’m running an event I will not be playing.

So that means Street Fighter all the time at Heroes World?
-sadly no. Running the set-ups takes time and space…which we are sometimes limited on. We’ll be posting up schedules of events and stuff like that but unless you see it posted here or chat with me at the shop there won’t be anything running. You should however post up if you do what events on certain days or whatever so we can get an idea of what you’d like to see happen

Is all this FREE?
-again sadly no. We are a business and as such we require funds to operate. We’ll usually be charging some kind of venue Fee to cover mostly cost of equipment, staff and time. While as a player i’d love to offer free sessions we have costs to cover…for example if a Xbox RRODs or Joystick buttons get smashed there is a cost in replacing/repairing these things

I only got in one game!
-I am a pretty fair person, so if you ever attend a session and feel you are not getting your money’s worth please let me know and I will be happy to discuss the situation and most likely give you your money back or give you your next session free.

I wanna help out what can I do?
-best thing you can do is to come out to events and have a good time! But if your looking for more, Heroes World always can use help in running events and getting the word out. You got joysticks or screens or something your willing to bring in? then awesome…more gaming for everyone. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via PM, or even stop by the shop to chat about any ideas you many have! I been approached by many players that simply want to help grow the community which is awesome!

Fight Stick Modding?
-I am adapt in basic fight stick repairs and maintenance. I am more than willing to help out when I can. We also have an artwork modder and electric modder within our group so if your looking for somebody to do some modding let me know and i’ll set you up with them.

Please post up whatever other questions or suggestions you may have! or even just post up to say what’s up?

Hey guys, scouting interest in Saturday May 29th! Not necessarily a tournament but more of a casual SSFIV event, where we can gather info from all the local players. Possibly serve some free coffee or food of some kind of a meet and greet. There will likely be a small charge to get in $3-5.

post up if your interested! or if you can’t make it, post up some other days you’d like to see events happen!

had fun last time you guys had casuals
I will definitely come on the 29th

Me in.

EDIT: The store currently has 2 tri-modded TvC sticks (Wii/PS3/X360), 2 dual mod sticks from arcadewhips (PS3/X360).

Do you still have those Horis? Those busted, horrible Horis. lol

sweet, as long as we have a couple ppl i’ll at least set up one system…i had forgotten Anime North is that weekend, so most players might be going there…dunno if there is an event or anything there but ppl might be checking it out

probably running from 1:00pm to 5:00pm, looking to get $3 venue fee…so i can buy some new buttons for the sticks :slight_smile: We can run a mini tourney if ppl want for bragging rights…or we could even trying some ranbats style stuff…not too familiar with the format but we could try it

hope to see some of you come out! i need practice!

I’m suppose to be moving at the end of the month
so if I’m all packed up and stuff
I’ll definitely come out
my buki needs some work

Speaking of Anime North, aren’t you guys going to be there anyway?

not this year…tables are a little pricey and we don’t got enough anime related stuff to blow out to justify the costs

i shoulda found out if someone is actually running some sf tourneys though

You mentioned Gears of War events. Would that be Gears 1 or 2?

sorry for the late reply, most likely gears 2!

I might be able to get 2 people to go to a Gears 2 team tournament. It’d be better if it was Gears 1 but if there’s cash involved, I’m sure they’d be down.

Man it’s too bad it’s a Saturday this time. Gonna be at AnimeNorth today so unfortunately I can’t make it by to get my ass kicked consecutively and I just got my next to custom arcade stick(Qanba Q3) too.
Hope you guys get a good turnout like last time, everyone was pretty chillin’ there!

About an event at the con, not sure but since last year, FanExpo had a spot with a huge TV with free SFIV matches…some kind of Zellers Online Gaming promo…Commentaries weren’t as great since it’s not Chris Hu!

GGs to the people who went to HWs today. I hope to see moar people next time.

yeah, thanks to everyone that came out!! i yet again forgot to give away the Street Fighter and darkstalkers comics!!! damn it! someone remind me next time!

funds made today will probably go to some new buttons for the TvC sticks…still keeping an eye out for a cheap LCD…that doesn’t have lag of course

next time i’ll definitely set up ps3 with table and sit down style…although i do enjoy the standing arcade styles…lots of fun watching the matches, i’ll try to schedule next one on a day i’m not working so i can get in on the action…cause i need the practice for sure!

also figured i should post my gamer tag if anyone wants to help me aka kick my ass in SF
"coolasice003" that’s a zero-zero-three at the end…i’ll have to double check my ps3 tag but i think it’s the same

let me know what you think of ANorth this year! this will be our 2nd year missing out…it’s a fun show but too pricey for tables right now

is there a huge following for GOW1 multiplayer? i’d just assume everyone moved onto GOW2???

nonetheless i’ll see if i can get a two screen set-up sometime so we can start running some wingman showdowns or something to start

Anyone wanna trade a 360 te for a ps3 one? I have a ps3 TE up for trade :stuck_out_tongue:

Wouldve came if I didnt have work yesterday =\

i’ll ask around if anyone is down with that trade

…have you considered dual modding it? chowwun did our TvC sticks and it’s probably the best investment for the sticks we’ve done, no matter the system they work the versitility is just so convenient

send him a pm and he can probably give you a price, and if you guys can’t meet up you can always drop it off at the shop and he’ll pick it up…just a thought

For a PS3 to X360 mod, it’s $50 labour + whatever materials needed (X360 PCB, Imp mainly) which you will supply (i.e. get yourself) because I’d prefer to have everything on hand before working on it. Turn around period should be a day or two.