Heroes World Tourney - Sat. January 22nd @ 12pm (Toronto/York/Markham)


Saturday January 22nd, 2011

Heroes World
8601 Warden Avenue (NE corner of Hwy #7 and Warden Ave)
Markham, On
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949

Super Street Fighter IV Tournament

Less than 20 players
1st receives 70% of prize pot
2nd receives 30% of prize pot

More than or exactly 20 players
1st receives 70% of prize pot
2nd receives 20% of prize pot
3rd receives 10% of prize pot

12:00pm Registration and Warm-ups
1:00pm Tournament Start time

Super Street Fighter Iv (Xbox360 & PS3)
Double Elimination Tournament Format
2 out of 3 games per match
4 out of 7 games grand finals

2 LG 23" LCD monitors (with 2ms Ultra Fast response time)
3 LCD monitors (Unknown specs, but no complaints about them so far)
1 TV (Yeah, just a regular TV)
3 Xbox 360
3 PS3
2 Madcatz SE sticks (all system compatible)
3 Madcatz TE sticks (Xbox 360)
1 Arcadewhips Champions edition stick (all system compatible)
2 Hori EX fight sticks (xbox 360)
1 Hori VX-SE (Xbox 360)
1 Hori RAP (PS3)
1 Hori Tekken 6 Wireless Fight Stick (PS3)
1 Madcatz Fight pad (xbox 360)

$15 entry ($7 for the shop, $8 goes into prize pool)

Bring your own stick/pad if you can! We have some equipment on hand, but don’t complain if it’s not what your used to!

I should have at least one station dedicated to casuals for anyone that get’s eliminated early. If you have any questions or concerns please post up, pm me, or just chat with me during casual sessions!

For more info about Heroes World check out the official Heroes World Thread

Hope to see ya’ll there!

Thanks, Jon


Hey all, hope you like the tourney set up so far. Please let me know if you have any requests or suggestions.

I know this is the same date as keep it classy in AB, but i assume some of the locals won’t make it out, so i’d have something at home for them. If you can make the trip i do suggest checking that one out cause i’m sure it will have a much larger turn out! but for those of you that can’t come out to ours!

as some of you my have noticed i’ve upped the price a bit. for two reasons…one is it provides a larger pot for the top players to aim for…second is that we wanna obtain some nice lagless EVO style monitors so we’re looking for a little extra revenue for the shop to get these bad boys. If you’ve come recently you’ll notice we’ve obtained THREE brand new TEs! so your casuals/tourney cash is going somewhere!


**Signed up:



hey desi, any chance i can get a stick on this? or do i need to get more interest first? thanks!


…A Saturday I’m actually off. Even though I pretty much know I’m going to lose, I need to come by for tournament experience/play new players. See you there!


dam weekend before exams…


I know a certain somebody who will…


Me or Fadi?
His reaction to the TvC stick with the blue buttons was pretty epic lol! I noticed Hidey whipping out the PS3 TE: Pizza Piz…SDCC stick and Chun Li LE TE stick(is that the one you’re dual modding Wun?) the other night or are the new TE sticks the ones your significant other got from the states Jon :smiley:


Haha… I wasn’t referring to you, and I wont name names… Lol. He just has a weak wrist and finds anything to complain about when he is losing haha… Darksydephil?

But yes, I am modding hidey’s ta-ta stick. .

For the record, the pizza pizza stick was x360.


Looking forward to this tourny! Hope to see some new faces make it out again this time around.

I think I should refer the Pizza Pizza Stick as the “967” going forward.

Ta-Ta DM > 967


What’s the significance of 967? lol


967 - 11 - 11
Pizza pizza(number/jingle).


i thought the stick was pretty cool until you mentioned it was the pizza pizza colours…still a cool stick though


Coincidence aside, the SDCC design the exclusive TE and Fightpad are pretty awesome, was it supposed to be related to Sagat or am I just remembering wrong?


Why isn’t this thread stickied yet?


I’m willing to stream this for you all. PM me if you’d like to get this streamed!



Might see if I can go to this. Doubtful that I can go, though.


sweet! thanks to the mods for the sticky!

k folks, time to start signing up if you can make it! We’ve got RXS willing to stream so i’d like to make sure we got enough players to make it a decent tourney!

post up if your coming! I’ll need your Name and Game Tag…otherwise i’ll just use your SRK handle



I hope to attend :slight_smile:

Jared /// Watchtower


I will most likely attend.

Eric // EricGGMusic


Wun Yan // KrossMods