Herofix.com orders

Anyone recently get their Herofix.com orders or emails? I placed an order May 7th and have not heard anything from them.

That seems to happen a lot with them. The guys will travel around, not respond to e-mail… It sucks.

yeah, thanks for the notice, they should learn how to use auto-reply in their email systems then.

gah! I ordered on April 22 and still nothing! They said they shipped on May 1 but still I see nothing at my door! I think I might just cancel or something… Taking forever

how many comics did you order? I ordered about ten power foils to make up for the ones I missed…

Your order will come. It takes about a month. give or take a week. Don’t cry like I did.

It didn’t take as long as I thought. I didn’t hear from them after I ordered some of the lithographs, but they arrived nicely packed (maybe took a few weeks). Should get to you at any rate.

Just got my comics from them today, they shipped it on May 14th according to the postal stamp.

does anyone know if george is in town or not? i’ve been trying to reach him for almost a month now and no replies

I will ask him about this. I just talked to him on the phone Friday, so I know he is in Friday at least. Not sure if he was out before that thou.

thx erik! he told me he’d hang onto a few foil copies for me while waiting for #12 foils to get in stock and to check back with him a week after… it’s almost been a month now and i’ve probably sent him over 8-9 emails w/o luck. Let me know if u can get a hold of him. Thx!

Hey Erik, are there any other Canada-based online retailers for UDON stuff? I really want to catch up and have the full set of foils but i’m missing 2, 12, 13, and 14. George said he put aside of all those cept #12 but getting a hold of him recently has be like finding a needle in a haystack. Does herofix have a phone number we can contact him at? I don’t care bout paying long distance I just want to get a hold of him to place my order before the limited stuff runs out. It would suck to have spent over 150 bux on a comic series only to never have it complete.