Hershey Highway

So i went to try that with my girl right and get this. She FARTS mid cruise. The strange part is that mess didn’t escape out the exit of the tunnel. I THINK it went right up my cars tubing cause I feel it in my stomach right now(this was like 30 minutes ago). I got sharp pains in my stomach and I’m not quite sure what to do about it.

I love how happy the dinosaur looks as it’s face gets skeeted on with processed cheese on my box of macaroni. Grilled cheese explosion indeed.

Soooo uhhh how about those pop tarts???

More like…poop tarts!

pop farts

OP you’re full of shit

reading this thread after the pop tarts thread has made my life have more meaning lol

Fake or not, I feel sick reading about it :wasted:

This one time I stuck my junk in a jar of honey then passed out, when I awoke I found ants climbing single file out of an unexpected hole, a small one at that.

I fucked a drunk chick on a trampoline and she made me ass fuck her. She pooped :(. Now I know cumming in their ass can make her do that

Fun fact: I nicknamed her trampy the trampoline whore. Everybody I know still calls her that

Ninja edit: I typed “make em do that” and iPhone autocorrected to “make him do that”


Huh…you need to be understanding and supportive of your phone’s lifestyle choices. And keep it ONLY in your jacket pockets. No need to tempt it.