Hershey Monthly Runs


Hey guys, I know this extremely last min, But Me and my brother are trying to get a central pa monthly started. We have a date set for this Saturday, and We have a lot of Mk, but Im more of street fighter guy. We will have set ups provided, Sfxt will be there, as well as Umvc3 and SF4AE2012 but the main feature this weekend is MK9 lots of people from there are gonna be showing up.If you are interested in seeing the talent around Central Pa.

All you have to do is show up because its freeeeeee and its in a great spot for food and its only 10 mins from harrisburg, 30 mins from Lancaster, York, and 1hr from Reading and the greater Central Pa area. Its just good casual fun, and if we get enough people we can run a small tourney for shits n giggles.

If we get a good turn out this month, we can continue to grow and make this legit. Its held at my house, so i won’t just post the address.But if you seriously are interested in coming, PM me and ill give you it. It starts This Saturday from 4pm, to 1am. Remember to bring your own sticks, we will have both 360/ps3 systems and TV’s but if you wanna bring your own setup you are more then welcome and it would be a lot easier and very much appreciated. So come on out! its free to come and have a good chance to meet new people and create/establish a good scene.

If you have any questions feel free to email me (Ray Riazy) at Lonewolf343343@yahoo.com, or leave message here or pm me. I will be checking every other hour for people who are interested! Come out and support the scene!

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Central PA thread (Harrisburg,York,Lancaster,other centralish areas)

I am deff interested but sadly I will be in Baltimore for an AE tourney this weekend.


I would be intersted and could possibly bring a few friends as well… I’m a SSF4 guy as well… We all live in the hbg area… PM me tomorrow and we can talk about it.


Hey, we are running things up and more people are def needed to have some good casual matches please email me or send me a pm if you are interested in coming


Is this thing still going on? I live near Hershey (Camp Hill) and It would be great to get together for casuals, being that the majority of my friends dont play fighting games.


Yes, The next meet is going to be May 26, We had a great turn out for mk, about 15 people, but I want more street fighter there, lets get a good group going, it will be great practice for all those going to ect. So if any one in central pa wants to come and have some good times and grow a scene by all means come!


Deff making it out to the next one.


http://testyourmight.com/threads/announcing-new-pa-casual-event-dungeon-battles.15684/ is the official page for right now, replace all the mk stuff with street fighter… its a good central guide of whats going on. If you guys have any questions shoot me an email or a pm


Alright, Ill see if Im free then


Do you guys play any UMvC3 up there?


Umvc3 will be available there, im am mediocore at best but i like to play and im sure if there are more people for street fighter there will be people who wanna play.


Do you guys play on PS3 or Xbox 360? My stick only works on PS3.


We have both, but my copy is for 360, if you have a ps3 copy and wanna bring your set up, it is much appreciated


What are the times for May 26th? I will see if I can get off work from those times and make it up there.


http://testyourmight.com/threads/announcing-new-pa-casual-event-dungeon-battles.15684/ i know that its a mk site, but it gives all the info and as it gets closer to the date send me a pm or an email and ill send the address since its my personal address


Looks like I can make it next week. I plan to bring a PS3 with UMvC3 and my stick. Anything else I should bring?


this looks pretty fun, can’t make it ot the next meet but hopefully the next time will be open. Have lots of sf games, just about every one ever made haha.


If you have a tv to bring that is always welcomed! but thanks for the support, i could learn some umvc3… Just send me an email or pm close to the date and ill give you the address and deets


I have no idea if/when i’d be able to make appearances, but i’m in Etown, got a few sticks and play the fuck out of MvC2 and Skullgirls.


well we have mvc2 on ps2 and xbox 360 but no skull girls sadly. But you are more then welcome to bring a copy for us to play on, we would greatly appreciate it. haha