He's a Hit With the Kids- Kratos General Thread



. . .Although I doubt he’s gonna be allowed at any real tournaments. . .he’s still a pretty interesting character to mess around with imo. . .

some combos I was messing around with . .

fp,fp,bp,HoH(Head of Helios),6bk,bp-dash-6bk,bp(hold),bk- 48& damage. . .

4bp,6bk,bp(hold), bk-35%. . .

4bp,fp,fp,bp,HoH,Dash, XRay-44%


this guy is krazy in the korner
bp,fp,HoH,f+bk,bp,arrow,bp,arrow,bp,Enhanced arrow,bp,cinematic stab plus follow up does 47% 19 hits
Note:Enhanced stab with both follow ups does same damage.

bp,fp,HoH,f+bk,bp,fp,fp,bp,Fire dash does 31%,and if timed korrectly,it can place them right in front of you in the korner.
after that,you kan attack with his meaty overhead f+bp,bp into HoH.
i think he kould be great but people just h8 on him kuz he aint a mk kharacter,or he is for the kiddies.


Did the patch today change him?. . . I can’t seem to combo fp,fp,bp,HoH anymore. . .I seriously don’t think I had been looking at the combo wrong…because idk how else I would have been coming up with the 48% damage. . .

When you do just HoH, 6bk,bp,dash, 6bk,bp(hold) bk it only does 39%. . .
You can sub out fp,fp,bp with bp,fp and then go through with the rest of the combo, but it only does 40%. . .

In fact fp,fp,bp seems have been nerfed overall. . .it no longer combos into HoH,X-ray, or Zeus’ Rage. . .


idk but yea that combo doesnt transition into any thing…as soon as i picked him it never worked soooo…yeah
new midsceen kombo, might be his bnb since its ez
bp,fp,HoH,dash,forward+bk,bp,dash,bp,arrow(or enhanced arrow),dash,bp,zeus’s rage does near 40% midscreen
we need Some ppl in here man, cuz we just might be the only guys using mr.anger management requried.:shake:

I think he might hav some mixup with his flame dash canceled into normal dash,throw.
kinda like kabal except he kant cancel it into other specials.
Also there is this glitch where you record the zeus rage attack, it will not go any further into zeus rage. Btw that crazy korner combo i posted is 20 hits.

hey i think we should make this his strategy thread and i will make a kombo thread.
Just pm me some kombos that might be his best. nothing TOO impractical,k?


I realize now that I had been playing without applying the day one patch to the game. . .It is interesting that he was changed in the patch, but I can see why. . .that much damage off of his fastest string was pretty absurd. . .I do like how this shows they are willing to include him in the overall balance of the game. . .

If you wanna make a thread its cool. . .I was going to wait to get some more combos with him, but its cool. . .if you don’t have one up, I think I’ll make one later tonight. . .


alright just give some combos you do so we could get something going here. by any chance, do you have the guide? id like to no who he has problems with.
one last thing, can you tell me where fear kratos came from? he looks like he joined the brotherhood of shadow.
EDIT:There now i need your combos and we are set
I just thought of something
if me and you are the only people in this thread,whats the point?
its like a huge private chat right now


whats your thoughts on kratos never seeing play at tournaments?


well remember when shuma n jill came out?
and on wnf james chen demanded that the dlc characters were downloaded?
i feel he is in that same situation.
except he has a chance to be there since xbox cant acess the balance patches.
hes a great kharacter that everyone sleeps on since he has no buisness being in this game.
he hits HARD in his bnbs,has a smoke like parry, and his back punch seems safe.
Did i forget to mention his corner game?
yea u dont want to be in the corner against him.


i just would like to see a good competitive kratos
which given the fact he’s banned from tournaments
we’ll never see…


wait hes banned?
wtf y he aint overpowered.
or is it because 360 guys dont no how to fight him?


yeah that’s why
console exclusive characters are automatically banned
when the game launches due to the fact that it would give someone a unfair advantage if they were playing against someone who had played on the 360 and they were using kratos against that person


I mean it was pretty much guaranteed he’d be banned. . .like the moment he was announced. . . but the fact that he’s still a solid design character that actually plays very similar to the rest of the cast and is being considered with the balance patches is really nice to see. . . Refreshing from the gimmicky SW characters we got in SC4. . .

That aside. . .from my limited play testing him against actual people. . .his projectile seems really good. . .since trades don’t exist this feels moot, but it appears to cover more horizontal space than most. . .EX version looks to be a really solid AA. . .

He has probably one of the best x-rays in the game. . .the range is massive i do believe it has invicibilty?(will test this later today). . .

Idk I’m gonna keep messing around with him in casuals at least. . .


im sure he gets armor once he throws his swords.
i use fp or back bp as an anti air so i could go into his bnb.
enhanced apollos bow seems like a keepaway tool/combo extender thing to me. But,the arrow that goes up takes some time to come out.


a lot of people have said kratos is far too slow and ineffective as a fighter


Some care to share this apparent inescapable blockstring he has?
that could help me out a bit…


When I play Kratos I try to play more of a defensive role waiting to capitalize on mistakes because as we know Kratos can whip out big damage relatively easily.I strongly advise against using bp fp bp in the corner if you are too close the final hit will whiff and you’ll eat a combo. I have trouble getting in on characters like Shang Tsung in general but with Kratos it seems even worse for me.Any suggestions, or criticisms on my playstyle, things like that? Anything would be appreciated.


Here are some cool combos I learned:

1 = fp
2= bp
3= fk
4= bk
j= jump
nj= neutral jump
d= dash
…= hold

hoh= helios’ head
bow= appolo’s bow
zr= zeus’ rage

corner: j2, f4>2, 2>bow, EX bow, 2>hoh, 1>1>zr = 52% damage

corner: j2, f4>2, 2>bow, EX bow, 2>hoh, walk forward a bit, b2…>4 = 54%

mid-screen combo: j2, f4>2, d>2>bow, dash>2>hoh, d>f2>2>zr = 43% (you can cut the last 2>2>zr and just go d>zr at the end for 40% instead of 43% [also, you can x-ray off the d>f2>2 to make it 51%])

x-ray combo (mid-screen) j2, f4>2, d>2>bow>xray = 49% (you can add d>2>xray it’s easier to time and the same damage)

insane 3-meter corner combo: j2, f4>2, 3>EX bow, EX bow, 2>EX bow, 2>zr = 61%

I love the f4>2 link since it creates such lovely juggle situations. EX fleece on a melee hit also juggles so I’d assume you can do all of these combos off of one of those spicy bastards (aside from the last one obv.)


wow. that makes the necrid ban in Soul Calibur II comepletely retarded, then9Since he’s on all consoles).