He's covered wars you know. The Frank West thread

Frank West is by far one of the more unusual characters to use in TvC UAS. Here are some of his move properties and some simple and fancy combos for those who are curious.

Basic Moves:

5A: hooking jab.
2A: same as 5A.
j.A: short knee.

5B: farther reaching punch, decent poke.
2B: upwards punch, similar to El Fuerte’s c.HP in SF4. slow and hard to combo.
j.B: downward attacking palmstrike.

5C: swings a golf club, hits from very far away.
2C: slide. can be canceled into B Bat.
j.C: slow boot kick. hits from a distance but has deceptively long startup.
j.2C: knee drop. drops straight down, similar to Tekkaman/Blade’s 2C. Can be cancelled with B Zombie.

Assist: Frank takes a picture of opponent. The flash puts opponent in stagger stance.

Special Moves:

[4]6 attack: Roundhouse Kick. A = fake kick, B = straight kick, C = sweep kick

623 attack: Zombie Attack. Sends a zombie that can grab and hurt Frank or opponent. Zombies can be grabbed with Giant Swing. A = zombie comes from behind Frank, B = zombie behind opponent (arguably the best zombie), C = zombie falls from above in the middle of the screen. Can be combined with Golf Swing or Grand Slam to turn zombie into projectile. Golf Swing = zombie takes a short hop, A bat sends zombie flying horizontally, B bat at a 30 degree angle, C bat at a 60 degree angle.

421 attack: Zombie Spree. Sends a zombie cart flying at opponent from behind Frank across the screen. Wallbounces opponent if it hits. Each attack sends the cart at a different speed depending on color of cart. A = Blue, B = Yellow, C = Red.

236 attack: Grand Slam. Frank hit opponent with baseball bat, sending opponent slightly into the air for combo potential. Harder attacks will wallbounce opponent. Reflects non-beam projectiles.

63214 attack: Giant Swing. Grabs opponent (or zombie) and swings them King from Tekken style. A swinging zombie can hit the opponent multiple times. Each attack button swings at different speeds and causes more damage for stronger attacks.

22 attack: Escape Roll. A rolls forward, B rolls forward and through opponent and non-beam projectiles, C rolls backward.

Super Moves:

236AB: Real Megabuster. Frank transforms into Mega Man and fires a wide beam super.

63214AB: Dead Rising. Frank grabs opponent, throws them in the air, and hits a home run with the baseball bat. Unblockable. Inescapable if jumping after the flash. Can be DHC’ed into from another super.

623AB: Zombie Charge (aka That’s Hilarious!). Level 3 Super. Frank will take a Serv-bot head, short hop to dunk the head onto the opponent, pieface the opponent through a horde of zombies, then do a flying bulldog to finish. For giants it starts similar to Zombie Attack where zombies pile on top of the giant. Frank piles several gas canisters by the giant then ignites them with a shotgun. For normal opponents Frank can jump over them (similar to Fuerte’s Ultra in SF4) so its best to be at 5B range.

BnB Combos:

IAD C 2A 2B 2C xx B Bat 2A 2B 3C j.A j.A j.B j.C

IAD C 2A 2B 2C xx B Bat Real Megabuster

Fancy Combos:

(with Roll) IAD C 2A 2B 2C xx B Bat [3] 5A 5A 5B 6B 5C Assist B Cart 2A 2B 3C j.A j.B j.C

5A 5B 3C B Zombie Giant Swing (as shown [media=youtube]QzxTj9sanCQ"[/media])

5B 3C xx Giant Swing (repeat)

If there’s anything else anyone can figure out about Frank please post it here and I’ll try to keep this as up to date as possible.

Don’t forget his escape rolls, 22a b or c, a nd b versions dive forward, c dives backwards

Updated. Thanks Teben!

Also, the B version of dive can pass through the opponent while the A version cannot.

Frank’s level 3 is not unblockable.

Also, his super throw can’t be escaped by jumping after the flash.

his B.dive can also go through fireballs as well

It seems not many people know this one, his Bat (236+Attack) reflects projectiles.

I’m surprised you didn’t call this thread “He’s covered wars you know”

i tried that but it didnt work for me, guess i dont know when to hit it

This is supposed to be corner-only right? B bat doesn’t wall bounce.

a couple combos (these don’t work on the small characters):

from anywhere on screen except the corners: 2a, 5b, 2b, 2c, c cart (wall bounce), 5a, 5b, 3c, j.a, j.a, j.b, dj, j.a., j.b. b bat (~15.8)

corner combo: 2a, 5b, 2c, b bat, 5a, 5b, 3c, j.a, j.a, j.b, dj, j.a, j.b, b bat (~16)

quick note on both of these: Starting with IAD c will push characters out so I wouldn’t try to go for the full standing string before launch; in terms of the first combo, after IAD c I usually just do 5a, 5b, 2c etc.

so in that new combo vid posted in the video thread he makes frank cross under with J2c, does anyone know how to do this?

B Bat wallbounces in corners. It was in the 2nd gameplay trailer. I’ll update as necessary.

ok well if anyone cares about that combo it’s launcher, j.A j.B j.B JC IAD j2.C

well i just found something dumb dont know if anyone knows this yet but in the corner just do a basic string then launcher call out B. zombie then right when the character lands throw your zombie with his giant swing, it does about 40 hits automatically lol, if the person blocks, it does chip damage!

I couldn’t get it to work FTS. Can anyone else confirm that its possible?


here ya go:sweat: just uploaded it

Holy crap. Must find a combo with this. Is it safe on block? If so it could be used to keep some pressure on. Especially if you get a knockdown or something on your opponent in the corner.

His level 3 seems to scale really well too.

I was hoping the spin could do damage, but 40 hits? Holy crap. Some stuff:

-Everyone has probably noticed this, but for the sake of making things said his carts seem to blow right through most projectiles instead of getting canceled out. I know it’s been doing it against Ryu’s hadoukens anyway, I’m assuming it’s the same for Megaman, Morrigan, Zero, etc. Doubt it plows through Saki’s beam. Edit-- Take that back…maybe it was the strong cart doing it? Slow just got knocked out, could’ve sworn I’d seen this happening…

-you can cancel the recovery of Frank’s j.2c into an escape roll.

-If you’re getting hammered in the corner, cross the screen to the other with 2a+p>2b>2c>22b>2b>22c (Cas assist.) Might work with other assists that lift the opponent into the air. As Cas sends opponent into air, escape roll passes them, 2b connects while they are still airborne and final escape roll sends you all the way to the other side of the screen. Resume cart/zombie spam.

so how is everybodys frank doing lols

Haven’t got to play much.

Also how much meter does the Zombie Giant Throw glitch give you?