He's off the chain. He's butt-- no. He's da BUTTEST. Word. (Deadpool thread)

Since Deadpool is all but confirmed for this game (and I’m pretty sure heads will roll if he isn’t), let’s use this time to speculate about his moves and hypers.

For those of you who don’t know, his combat mainly makes use of submachine guns and katanas. As he would probably say, “you snoozie, you get the Uzi!” :razz:

In his comics, he’s aware that he is actually in a comic and breaks the fourth wall quite often. I hope they get that trait of his correctly in this game, because that’s Deadpool’s trademark and pretty much what he built his empire around.

He and B.B. Hood would make a perfect couple. In fact, I hope they bring back crossover combination hypers (like Hulk/Zangief’s Double Final Atomic Buster) just so they can put Deadpool and Hood together for one.

Deadpool is a shoe-in… blew up all over the marvel universe with a bazillion comics and retarded cameos n covers… plus he’s got his own movie underway…

I personally just wanna see deapool n dante go at it… seriously… both mercs skilled with guns and swords… nuff said.

Deadpool better have an SRK, Capcom.

I can’t wait to see Dante and Deadpool fight and talk shit to each other. There better be a trailer.:nunchuck:

Wonder what they’ll make him sound like… Ryan Reynolds? And is he gonna know he’s in a video game? If you lose with him I want him to look into the camera and go “You suck at this game.”


I’d want his Ultimate Alliance voice actor. Either that or the guy who played him in Hulk vs.

“Hey Logan! It’s me, Deadpool! I shot you!”

I’d like it if either the Marvel Ultimate Actor or the Hulk Vs one did the voice.

As for moves

Teleports (Strider Style if 6 button)

a Super involving Bob, Agent of Hydra

if Cable is not in the game Hyper Viper Beam with Deadpool saying “Hey Nate,I’m borrowing this”

How about giving him an alternate anti-air other then shoryu to deal with jumpins? You know, to make him unique from the 12 other characters with a DP.

You clearly have not read the Deadpool comics.

I’ve read then, but I don’t remember Deadpool doing a shoryu, but I think he did make a Street Fighter reference before. I just don’t remember which one.

that’s nolan north. you may know him as being in mostly every video game ever for the past 5 years.

yeah he needs SRK . . . or Shin SRK


Should help :smiley:

I see him playing a LOT like Karas like Same fighting stance and slashes.

Also PWNAGE on that Shoryuken

Can you deal with THIS

Dam beat me to it lol.