Hexadecimal Color Codes for Sanwa buttons?


I’m in the middle of doing a custom stick and wanted to be able to have the artwork done by the time I receive the actual stick in the mail… Now I ordered the green Sanwa buttons but was seeing if there’s a chart that has the exact color code that was used for that part?

I’ve tried using the eyedrop to get close to the color but then on reviews I’m hearing “much more vibrant in real life”. To me nothing is worse than having different shades of a color on something (unless its part of an art piece, etc)

Any help would be nice (I tried searching the forums and only found one thread, which no one responded to back in 2009.)

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Here you go. :smiley:


So nice, thanks for the file, it will be useful !


perfect :smiley: you the man!


Saved for future usage. Thanks for this :slight_smile:


neat! will be a great tool when doing art for my sticks!


Good shit!