Hey all, looking for opinions on the Xtension Two Player CB Pro

I’m getting back into fighting games, I haven’t been competitive at all since the UMK3 days. I’ve played on consoles very casually from that point on but nowhere near what I used to do, at least up until a few months ago.
I already have an X-Arcade tankstick, all I can say about it is that it makes things happen, but it doesn’t necessarily do that well. I have an XTension Arcade Cabinet which is why I started looking at their Two Player Control Board, specically the Pro version that works for previous gen consoles and PC; and specifically because of Sanwa parts and the fact that it would blend in with the cabinet.

However if there’s something that has more people behind it, I have no problem buying two of those, gutting them and integrating them into a single control board. I need something that will be recognized by a PC as a gamepad and not a keyboard.

So Xtension Two Player Control Board Pro; Yay? Nay? Meh?

Tech questions = tech talk


It has Sanwa parts and ps360 pcbs, should be good to go for pc use. That said, you could make your own panel at a lower cost if you’ve got the tools and skills to do it.