Hey all

been playing for about 4 months, (not a long time I know), I was directed to this forum after getting my backside handed to me in about 15 different ways, running into wh1ppet on xbox live. after throwing in a few tips aswell, my game has improved alot, but is still basic at best. i seem to get thrown around like a ragdoll and spam cr.LP when someone is close (as a panic button maybe lol) and usually combo off of this, i can never seem to zone peeps which can be quite frustrating but I just but this down to i will get better with time and learn off the next chun player i come across, (which is hardly ever). anyway that’s enough of me moaning lol. if anyone would like to have 1 on 1 or a group endless, for the purpose of learning or just kicking my down a few more notches :stuck_out_tongue: feel free to add me as a friend on live (Skreamz83).

Hey man welcome aboard. It is true you don’t see many Chuns online, I can add you up. help out with your basic stuff-- but if you want to get real good, I’m afraid I won’t get you there cuz I can 't seem to get there, lol.
I consider myself low-mid-intermediate-level player
If you have a headset or at least willing to listen to me talk I can do that as well.

I tend to make too many silly mistakes :p. anyway I’m not gonna say no to such an offer, add me :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need someone to help you out with anything, you can always add me. My GT is Pong Boom on xbl.

Hey man!

I have a below average Chun, you’re not alone; you can get better!

LOL I have just seen this thread, I think Bahn is getting the mentor thread sorted (yet again) but at least if he runs it you know he won’t just disappear, it might be worth talking to him about Chun help. He has a REALLY solid understanding of her fundamentals and seems to be wiling to offer advice which will mostly be on point (although don’t quote me on any of that in case he’s busy etc…)

Also I’m happy to help UK/Euro chun’s (although I am not that amazing imo), I have a lot to work through myself but I just thought I’d throw that out… And welcome to the new Chun’s, shame you missed out on her when she was high tier lol. I think most people posting on here are pretty sound and helpful so its not like some other character forums…

LOL, glad I could help, I am still planning on getting back to you again :slight_smile: I’ve just been busy failing at SvB and with that whole real life thing throwing up hurdles… Sorry I only gave you some basic pointers but glad you feel it helped improve your game :slight_smile:
You’re probably better than me now!!

Thanks for the endorsement, Wii! :slight_smile:

I am always willing to help!