Hey anybody want to post some mags/storm/cykes issh in here

any body have any usefull comment’s on these three on the same team together, post any resets, unmashable temptest combo’s if there’s any :confused: and anything else that might be usefull for this ghetto version of MSP :lol: MSC,

thank’s :slight_smile:

Ok here is a pretty basic unmashable tempest combo for Mag/Cyke

c.lk c.hp /\ sj.hk a/d d/f lk lk land jump lp lk hp+cyke-aa and tempest
I will post more later or just ask me over AIM Cesar!

Ok moer M/S/C combos!

Magneto: c.lk c.hp/\ sj.hk a/d d/f sj.lk sj.lk / s.hp + Cyke-aa dash over /\ sj.lp sj.lk sj.mp sj.mk a/d u/f sj.lp sj.lk sj.mp sj.mk xxx Hyper Grav xxx Magnetic Tempest xxx DHC Hail Storm(procede to whoop that ass!)

Storm: c.lk c.mk pause s.hk tri-jump sj.lk land sj.lk a/d d/f lk launch sj.hp a/d d/f lk u.lp la x2 xxx LS! (damn whooping ass like this should be illegal!)

Magneto: c.lk c.hp /\ sj.hp a/d d/f lk lk dash to other side c.lk+Cyke-aa c.lk dash forward sj.hk a/d d/f lk lk launch sj.lp sj.lk sj.mp sj.mk xxx Magnetic Tempest xxx DHC Hail Storm (OMG WHAT THE FUCK HAPPEND TO YOUR CHARACTER I MEAN HE WAS ALIVE ONE SECOND AND NOW HE IS DEAD WTF HAPPENED!)

here is a bomb ass Storm/Psy combo just. I know psy isn’t on this team but this combo hurts hella!

Storm: sj. a/d d/f hp dash forward hp+Psy-aa sj. a/d d/f hp laucnh sj.hp a/d d/f lp u.lp la x2 xxx Lightning Storm (95-105 damage)

Mixup, calling Mixup! :lol:

umm i think this combo works on anyone shk,shk,fk, you know when you can call a assist on the way up do so fp bounce into p.AAA la super does about 75 or so ok peace