Hey Bryant/Dannahan,

Bryant the Tyrant! good fucking shit at wcw!

the NORCAL KILLER! brian… i love you and your balrog…

you owe me 72 bucks <3


Hey Bryant, How you get so good?

good shit Bryant.

congrats, bryant :smiley: good shit

should we combine this thread with a hey dannahan too? YES I THINK SO! so, are you THE dannahan??

Hey Keno. :lovin:

hey djdann

hi friends, lets play for shots… where’s waldo?

i am DOWN. tourney at my place on 10/3. moval, waldo and i are working on it.

yo fuck smirnoff. i had a hangover after friday after just a few shots of that crap. I was drinking goose all night and just a few shots of that low-tier shit made me feel like ass.

when we played on sat and i was drinking good shit, woke up fine the next day.



that picture is dope


oh what chu know about combos? Tell them Brynahan

drunken master