Hey Canadians ^^ (The Evo Crew)

Hey guys, was headed to Evo on my own, but I heard there’s a group of you going to Evo from Canada, and you’re taking John Michaels ?
If you have an extra spot in your caravan I’d love to join you guys… it’s better in a group IMO.

Let me know asap if you’re interested. I have money to contribute for gas/whatever.
I already have obligations for hotel, so I’d be staying with someone else (the great James Austin!), but it’s all about the trip ^^.

Tao, Wolfie, or whomever it is that’s going, fill me in, eh ?
Will look forward to a good reply, thanks!


Will there be GGXX practice with the great James Austin? That would be cool to watch. Good luck to you Vataire! I’m excited!!

Holy shit, I’m pumped. I leave tomorrow too. Damn family vacation schedule.:frowning:

no vancouverites will be going to evo

the guys who were gonna drive LTB bailed out on us cuz well i dunno

and i was never interested in going to evo

i dunno the situation on anyone else though

but i’m pretty sure no one will be going

bernie is i think? but he’s takin the plane there…

do you know why tariq + mazdak backed out in the last second?

If they were takin’ the plane then u know they woulda been held there for security reasons :lol: :lol:

hahaha too good!! :cool: :cool:

i was supposed to go but fuck… i guess ill have to wait another 365 days