Hey chainwhore


Is this more of what you mean? hows this look

I’m not chain, but I’ll crit!
What you have here is good! The shading is a bit off. The light looks like its coming directly from the left(his right). Most of his right cheek is dark. So the right side of his nose should be darker. You got too much highlights as well. darken them up a bit and leave only a fewwwwwww really bright highlights on the peak of his nose, cheek, chin. You’re on the right track though!

Hey there. DFist hit the critique on the money. Be careful where you pop highlights. A common coloring mistake is to throw highlights everywhere, and then everything looks shiny. Have your highlights be more subtle, and only leave a few hotspots, as DFist mentioned. Don’t forget about the “shadow edge” where it gets darker right before it changes to midtone or highlight. Keep in mind where your lighting is coming from, and keep it consistent. His ear should be entirely in shadow, since the light is coming from the left. Make sure you apply the same lighting to all parts of the picture; the hair doesn’t appear to be in the same lighting environment as his face. And lastly, keep cast shadows in mind. His nose would cast a shadow shape on his face, and his hair would cast a shadow on his forehead.

I think im highlight crazy. Must resist the urge to place them where they shouldnt be lol.