Hey check this out!


Alright, you guys. This was my “testing out the stick” match and something cool happened so I recorded it to show you guys.

I love doing this. I really just wanted to show you the combo at 0:34. It’s a pretty shitty match.


^ Damn son…

I hate you forever, I can rarely do 4 in the corner and I usually always fuck up the fourth and can’t follow up…

Do you have any live recorded matches, I can already tell that you’re sick at this game…


That didn’t do as much damage as I thought it would =/


Pretty much all of Dudley’s biggest damage comes from the ender or the hit before the Super. You can juggle 6 raw MGBs max, but it does butt damage.

Still, this was pretty dope.


the taunt > super at the end was funny


now that the rust is gone go to super


I have a few live recorded matches but I don’t have the ability to upload to youtube for some reason. I’ll see what’s up. I saved a lot of funny combo situations and I also saved some overall good matches.


your avatar really freaks the fuck out of me. why is the dog holding its hand up to its mouth and laughing.