Hey Everybody! Listen Up

Yo listen this goes out to anyone who thinks i’m a falcoon perp.
I not trying to take his style for my own. I have many different styles that have been orientated through the experimenting of different styles of other artist work i have studied. and now i’m just trying my hand “mousewise” at falcoons style through slight here and there tweaks such as shading and a few portion skills.More so on paper than have on my pc. this is not even half of the art i’ve posted .which im sure most of u can say the same. I study artbooks that i have and other artist work for reference.I do the same thing with music.Yo I can Make yall some tight tracks if u feell you wanna get ya jay’z on or u got some flow skillz hit me up at my email Novastrbt@yahoo.com ya heard, but anyway at the moment, falcoon is my main reference point for now… I just use certain styles for a period of time until i get what i’m trying to learn from There style to add to my own arsenal and move on to the next victim :evil: no im just jokin, but seriously i do not mean to come off as a falcoon rip off. so my bad if i’ve made that impression on most of u and it sickens u for me even try to imitate his work. I not trying to be him.What i’ve done so far is not even close to his badass works.I just merely trying to learn some techniques from him to better myself as an artist. people have different ways of learning. this is mine.:cool: peace out!

Maybe you should post some other stuff that doesn’t look too falcoonish ho ho.

twelve ^ wrecked you

Falcoon… badass style… HAHAHAHAHA!! :lol:

Man, I told you this sometime before but this time I emphesize it.

Instead of trying to draw those ugly-ass faces Falcoon draws, try and draw bodies like he does. Use a diffrent style for faces. I really thinkthat those huge foreheads and stupid stares on those girls is simply :lame: and that Falcoon should try something a little diffrent than a bunch of huge foreheaded Angels (KOF wise)…

I’m sorry if I offended you in any way with this comment, it just had to come out and this is the only way it could.

12 Wrecked me? “okaaay”:wtf:

Yo brain digger i aint offeneded at all man im real man and u seem to be too. I favor falcoon 's style because of his “badass” coloring skills thats what i consider “badass” the most. I have my own style like i said before and i can draw Much better portions and facial features on my own. I have thousands of uninspired falcoon art that i’ve yet to scan and set up for display. most of the “falcoonish” art was done with my raggedy ass mouse. I was more focused on the technique of shading than my proportions. I mean considering that this is my first time using the mouse to straight draw and color. Thats cool that u tellin me this though and it lets me know watsup. im in no way trying to uplift this dude as the greatest artist ever. hell naw, I pefer Hyung-Tae Kim works of falcoons anyday. im just saying i like his coloring techniques.for the moment i just use his art for reference when im trying to color. u feel me. I mean i know im not the only one who thinks his artwork great.needless to say it just really shows me how art is a vass media of acquired taste and everybodies got they own appitite ya heard. peace out man and thanx for ur input. some Real input. :cool:

I like you, man. You remind me of… well… me. I’m interested that the first artist you mentioned is Hyung Tae Kim, who’s also one of my favourite artists. Don’t hassitate, scan your stuff. I’m dying to see it.

I’ve also been drawing with a mouse… but I do it mostly on Open Canvas with a friend. While he shows his tablet off, I do my best to keep up with the mouse. I also feel more free with the mouse then when drawing with a pencil because no one would blame me for misproportions and stuff… I preffer drawing more of cartoony style when with a mouse over the accurate Manga style.

Here’s an example of my mouse right next to my friend’s WACOM. It’s very noticable which is which.