Hey, everyone!

I just wanted to drop in and say hi! I have been looking around the forums for the last day or so and recognize many of your names from PSN in SFHDRII. There’s definitely a ton of good players here.

If anyone wants a good match (hopefully :wink: feel free to add me. My main is Chun but I can play most characters.


Welcome to the forum!

I think I remember playing you last night, your psn screen name looks familiar–it sucks that there really is no way of checking on who you have played–there were a lot of good players last night, I myself am still learning. See you around.

It’s cool that so many new players are coming to SRK from PSN and XBL. Really increasing our community.

Some of you guys aren’t half bad either. Friendlist me and I’ll hit you back, and then hit you with an Oicho throw. =)

hi royce :), this guy have very good chun li

Thanks Veet1! Those matches the other night were a lot of fun. Wicked Balrog!

Also a newbie here…I think I’ve played you before R.O.Y.C.E. Look me up!