Hey FG masters... I need a grown up answer here


It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site. I have questions that have been nagging me. Not looking for answers at all because I’ll do whatever the hell I want, but, looking for input from community guys I guess… Basically, it has to do with playing multiple FG’s. I just came to the realization tonight that I love playing multiple FG’s but can’t master them all. We’re talking SF, SF:AE (which blows because it’s not 3:S) MK 2011, MvC3, etc. Guys, there are too many fighting games. I’m torn between being a Jack-of-all-Trades for those games or just trying to master one in one game. I’m looking for advice here, nothing more. Master one in one game or try to enjoy myself with all games but loose the shit out of my ass off.




Good stuff Valaris. Quick question: When did you decide to leave the Premo forums. Another quick question… when the shit did you become a Mod?


Play all… you would be amazed at what you learn and what you can bring to each game from another. You can immediately sit and down yourself saying your going to get your butt kicked… that right there has to changed immediately youngblood.


Ahaha both about 3 years ago I guess.


Well thanks Koop but that’s not my style. I’ve played every Capcom game since the mid 80’s. I’m a well-rounded 28 year old thats done this stuff and I’m not nearly a “pro” at ONE SF game. Show me how I’m a lacky you SOB… . Goddammit Valaris. Has this fucking site changed that much? Really, this stuff is completely foreign to me. I’m scoping it and crying as to what’s going on right now. (Val + mods, I’m completely HAMMERED right now. Like, seriously, we’re talking silly talks among us.


Dude go get some sleep and come back later. You are fucked up.:rofl:


And this ladies and gentlemen is the result of a 12 pack of Leinies and half a bottle of Jameson. Wow I can’t believe I posted this trash haha. You’re such a winner Doc. Just silliness. Thanks everyone for being a good sport.


Damn Doc…where the hell have you been?


Geese, what up. I’ve gone the way of the many. Only jumping on SRK for the front page news and that’s it. I might have to hit the forums again even though they’ve turned to shit. They’re just terrible the last few years. BTW, whatever mod that can shut this thread down since it’s become non-FG related can go ahead and do it.


This is a good thread.