Hey Gunter I have a Q for you....(A-groove)


Now i know that you can tiger kick anti-anti air with lk, and then
activate, s.mp or c.mp and then slash kick into corner.

What takes the most dmg after that?

I believe his anti-air custom has the potential to do higher damage than his ground CC, but is this only possible after a
counter hit lk.slash kick into custom?

If you could help me out i would really appreciate it. :smiley:



now i’m not gunter but i think it’ll be wise if you actually named the character in question.


I think you need to mention that charector your attempting to custom with.


I’m pretty damn sure he’s talkin about Joe because no other characters have tiger kicks or slash kicks.

Tiger Kick does more damage than slash kicks, I think. So if you squeeze in more tiger kicks than slash kicks or alternate, you should get more damage than just slash kicks x n.


oh shit!

Im sorry about that, but then again if you knew the character
(joe) then my question would have already been answered, but im not trying to be rude so ill stop there… :slight_smile:

(thanks fatalfuryD but I dont keep on slash kicking until the meter
runs out, I go into the namonaki ground custom after the slash kicks to corner, but some how I dont seem to get more damage…)

And I do apologize for not putting the dame name it there, wow
retarted is me:o

It’s usually less dmg, unless its a counter, and I do hit the lk
tiger kick deep (DP+LK) so I get the maximum amount of damage from it, maybe the lk tiger kicks will work a little more dmg into the custom, and maybe someone can shed some light on this for me…

to tell you the truth I think the jumping jabs are what give you the dmg but im no expert so if im wrong then I apologize again
in advance…



The reason you do slash kicks is to get to the corner. It is indeed the j.jabs that are the key to getting more damage through this combo. Actually, when I do the combo, I just do close s.roundhouses in the corner so I don’t mess up, then a few j.jabs for damage through hit count. Do whichever midscreen you feel most comfortable with.



I experimented and found one that takes just as much damage as his ground custom…

So thanks for your help gunter…

right now im using kim in A, and im trying to do something with him, Ive already downloaded your turtorial vid, so now im just experimenting…

That one custom you do on the ground (in the video with TK’s at the end) is slighty easier than the one you have posted up as his ground custom. What I mean is it seems to do more damage at the end of it with his rush super so I use that instead, and its a little easier…7400 ( I use a FK spirit stomp after the c.mk instead of the mk. spirit stomp)

The one you do is nice looking though, and ive been able to land it also…

So if I use kim in my line up than Ill switch out joe cause his customs do about the same crappy damage, and Kim/Terry/Geese
would suit me better for kim…

But if I decided to use Joe instead of kim then Joe/Terry/Geese,
cause I need that high damage CC to make up for kims, but kim is a good character…

I want to learn one more character in A-groove though but the bison custom is too hard on stick for me to do.:bluu:

I tried raiden but he does not have a RELIABLE anti-air CC…
I also found him tedious to get good with in A…

Than todo custom gave me migranes so I quit that:lol:

And yes I do roll cancel now but only if my opponent roll cancels…
Yes I know that sounds stupid as hell…:lame:

Well thats the end of my novel…:confused:

Later. :slight_smile: