Hey guys, how about a GFAQS vs SRK tournament?

So as you may have guessed, I’m trying. To see how many would be interested. Naturally they are doubts and concerns and the salt that may go down but at the end of the day its for fun. Now on to business.

We should do like a 5 on 5 or something, Team captain, and can sub in any player after any match, but winner has to stay and has to use same team.

But to first figure out who would represent us, we should have our own tournament or something.

Idea was “TheSteelPhoenix”'s I’m just here setting it up xD. Anyone can contribute and offer some advice. Thanks for your time XD



How bout no.

As I said before, there was a SRK vs. GFAQS tournament for SF4 once. There’s no reason why we can’t have one for UMvC3. And quite frankly, what do you have to lose in participating? If GFAQS is so free, put your money were your mouth is instead of just saying “LOL SCRUBFAQS”.

The thing is, there’s so many people that are active on both forums. I wouldn’t be able to choose a side

Then don’t play. Problem solved. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who even said that? I think you’re seeing things.

Pretty sure he was referring to the thread I made earlier about this.

Yeah we know, it’s why SRK sucks now.

Well should I take the responses as a no then?

Told you they’d say no. Told you it was a bad idea. Just drop it.

i don’t think many would care about the outcome of an online 5v5 between five random dudes from this site and five random dudes from gamefaqs

now if you went to evo, took top 3, and said on stream “srk can eat a dick, gfaqs we da best” then you’ve got something…

So the only way we can basically make this happen is if people start shit talking on stream? <_<

Well it was worth a try lol but don’t get it twisted this tournament was for fun nothing more. So if you guys every change your minds, just message me.







GFAQS could get their best and SRK could get their best and then we could have a team tourney for that. Thats much better than just having 5v5 random.

This is going to be a nightmare to coordinate


This would be the easiest thing in the world to coordinate, why is everyone so against it.
It doesn’t decide jack shit regardless.
It’s not like top calibur players are gonna be joining in on this…

I’m personally interested in seeing people on GameFAQs get their shit blown out, regardless of the amount of players.