Hey guys, I think I found something



Sorry if this is something already known but I don’t see anybody use it. I just got back into marvel since vanilla and I was in training room when I found something nifty with x-23. I think everyone here knows that you can cancel her mirage feint with any talon attack in mid-air, but I found a way to cancel her M mirage feint into L talon attack where it does an instant cross up(or un-cross up vortex).

What you do is M mirage feint and when you are close to the opponent, instead of doing qcf + L do qcb + L . No matter what direction a talon strike will come out(as long as timed right), and depending on your timing you will either be in front or on the back of the opponent performing a talon attack. As far as I know a talon attack that is close to the ground is safe, and in cases where there isn’t an assist available this can become handy or become even more aggresive with an assist.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


Already known



If that’s the case, nothing will come out if you press the button before you cross up. Don’t you mean the opposite? If you do qcf, the input will autocorrect if you cross up, or come out regularly if you don’t. I’ve been using this for my basic oki in the corner since a while after Ultimate’s release. In general, it’s pretty useful since it’s so easy to time.


We might actually be talking about something different because no matter how many times I do it a qcb L registers even in front and makes the talon attack, if you time it just a moment later it will do the talon attack behind the opponent. That being said, I think you are just doing a normal talon attack after a MF, which is fine but I guarantee you that a qcb L registers no matter what side you are currently on and it is much faster. Try it.