Hey guys, I'm a newbie



While I don’t want to admit it, it is true. I’ve always wanted to play Street Fighter competitively, but never knew how to. I signed up here so I can learn how to play the game, and to generally just have a good time!

I play Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. I use Guile and Balrog, but I’m pretty bad at the game. Any tips?

Thanks for the help!


First off, welcome to Shoryuken!

Secondly, if you’re ever interested in trying to find topics or forums about a particular game, there’s a search button located on the top toolbar. Try searching for a thread about any game or games you want to learn or need tips on to better localize your desired knowledge around others that would be more likely to help you. I’ve taken the liberty of linking a Hyper Fighting topic from the General Gaming section:


Have fun and good luck! :slight_smile:


Dude your live name and srk name is like me and my bros names. Freaky.



First off, you may want to consider buying a stick, it’ll help you a lot in the long run.
Depending on your console of choice, there’s quite a range.
Avoid the Hori EX2 if you have a 360, i’m in the process of repairing & moding my one right now. They’re a pain to repair.
Head over to Tech Talk to get more info on sticks & what to look out for.

Check out the Guile strategy thread & the Balrog (boxer) strategy thread.
Both of those threads are for ST, but most of the tactics will apply to HF.
Also, Ignore tier lists & give every character a try until you find one that suits you.
It may be that your Guile/Balrog isn’t very good because you play better with non-charge characters.

The “how throws work” thread should be helpful too. It’s in the HD Remix section, but most of the information applies to all variants of SFII.

If you’re playing on the 360 (i’m guessing you are seeing as we’re in the xbox section), it may be worth buying HD Remix for the competition.
If you’re playing on your pc, check out GGPO
If you’re playing on an actual arcade cabinet, sell it to me. :wgrin:


Best tip I can give you: Play repeated matches against players who are better than you are.

If they are WAYYYY better and literally don’t even let you move before punishing you again…then it won’t help…but you need to find people who beat you 8/10 matches at least.

If someone has a tactic that really kicks your butt…your goal must be to FORGET ABOUT WINNING THE MATCH but focus on DEFEATING THE TACTIC. Learn how they are setting you up…what they are doing…how you can predict it and evade or counter.

Feel free to add my gamertag to your friend’s list. If you see me online playing SF4, please feel free to start a Player Match with PRIVATE slots enabled and then send me a game invite.

I’ll be glad to play you…I’m still a novice myself but I’m not bad and you will get a chance to fight a lot of different characters (I never run just my mains against a new player, I switch around so they can get experience fighting different tactics).