Hey guys. My fav pornstar is coming to town and she is charging $300/hr

Of course Im gonna do it. Would you guys do it?

Who is she?


Is her cock bigger than yours?

yeah come on man let us in, oh loc: toronto its probably like mary mooseknuckles or something

He gonna pay her extra to shoot “her” maple syrup into his mouth.

You an idiot. Possible homo.

Cough up a name.

Initials are A and R.

Adam Rom?

i think valaris has it

Amy Reid?

I don’t see why the TC is being such a bitch about giving up a name.

News flash: You probably aren’t the only person who’s jacked off to this particular pornstar, so no need to white knight the ho.

I think he just wants to keep her for himself. Although I’m sure he’s number 34082740 in line.

I wanna find out who it is, so I can drive out to TO and loosen her up for crimzon.

fuuuccckkkiin awesome!

lemme fill in for ya the rest of the 59 minutes!

Damn, where do you keep your time machine at Nando?

Ya who and where. I wouldn’t mind giving a pornstar a go.

for 300 an hour, just get two 150 an hour hookers instead, and you’ll likely have a better time

Ya but I’ve done plenty of hookers. Wouldn’t mind adding a pornstar notch on my belt.

yeah thats how it usually is, but since its my fav star Im willing to pay. But we negotiated multiple shots an hour so Ill probably get to money shot 2-3 times.

only 300/hr? every porn star that i’ve seen who has visited seattle typically charge far more, depending on how high profile they are. for example, nina hartley charged 1000$/hr. Ginger Lee, a lesser known one, only charged 500$/hr.

so this must be a really low end girl. i don’t know why you’re being so secretive about it.