Hey Guys new ranbat is out, dated 11/26!

discuss :karate:

sorry i’m still dling myself.

Nice, I’ve been waiting for this all week! :tup:

Edit: K, Problem connecting to tracker… I hope that clears up.
2nd Edit: Working now :encore:


Can never get these to work. Downloaded Azureus and still won’t connect.

Random Thoughts

Why is Tokido playing Chun? I thought he was a Urien player…
That Yang is pretty good.
Chun is really boring to watch; Tweleve is really fun to watch
I wish more low-tier characters would make it to the top 8
Crazy parrying… good stuff.

Tokido is using Chun cuz he damn pleases! :cool:

Great ranbat. Roshihikari just fucking shit up with SA2/3 Yun. Twelve had no escape in the corner with that SA3 setup. Last fight was kinda boring with Nuki just kinda running shop. Not dissing Nuki or anything cuz obviously his Chun is just on another level of greatness. Tokido vs. Nuki was real fun to watch. That lightning kick parry into SA2 from Tokido was like OMGWTFF!!! Cool ass shit. Too bad Pierre got his ass rocked by Roshi’s Yang. Yang is just a fucking Urien counter. :razzy:

Oh and here’s a yousendit link for the ranbat.


How did you find these non-bt ranbato links?

I didn’t. I made them. :lol:

Here’s a new link since the old one expired.


If anyone wants to help me out by creating new yousendit links for the ranbat that would be great. Would help immensely for the lot of people out there that can’t get BT’s to work.

^ dling right now, thx in advanced.

That Yang player was dope. I’ve never seen tournie footage of an SA3 Yang.

On a side note - Is 3rd place good enough for a Tokido pose? ;D

Much love Deviljin01.

Woo thanks for the non bt upload! Nice going.

ok i just saw it and first of all: too much chuns.
second: goddamit ksk had that match, how well-timed was that back+hp by tokido in the second round.
besides that, yamazaki beasting as always, ggs by roshihikari and i’m expecting to see aruka next ranbat.

the link expired again… =(

i usually never have problems with bt, but damn deviljin, you are a nice guy

Yeah, a little bit too much chun, but there actually was some good chun vs chun action if you can believe that. Its always a pleasure watching a good twelve. End fight seems a little anticlimactic compared to the issay vs rx in the last ranbat.

Yeah, that’s cuz Nuki just outpokes Roshi’s Yang to death. LOL. It’s commonplace to see lots of Chuns. She is pretty much the best character in the game along with Ken and Yun. Tokido vs. Nuki was pretty fun to watch actually.

In any event…here’s a 3rd non bt link from yousendit. Download away. :cool: I’m just gonna keep throwing it down on yousendit for a couple days to make sure everyone sees it.


Get it from the tracker; it seems to be working fine now. I am seeding as I type this post.

thanks deviljin, i really appreciate it, i’m sure many other people do too

Limit exceeded again. Wanna re-up it? I can’t use torrents where I am, and I want this. Bad.

I’ll have another one up hopefully in the next couple hours.