Hey guys! Some simple question

Hey guys! I’m new to fighting games, but got SF4 a month ago because a friend and was not bad but then i stopped playing for two weeks and got SSF4, which i have had for 4 days. I completely suck and i will admit it. Im still trying to learn execution, footsies, links, etc.

So here are my questions

  1. I have no idea what to do when someone sits in a corner and waits for me to come. If im using a character that can’t shoot fireballs what should i do? If i just block i will recieve chip damage and i’ll lose if time runs out so i know thats not an option.

  2. I seem to always get beat by people who charge at me and apply pressure second i get up. I just mash until i can hit them. What should i do at this point? I use dudley, gouken, and im going to take up ken too.

  3. How should i start out ? After i get better with execution what should i learn? Combos, footsies, match-ups?

If you can add me on PSN and help me a bit i would be grateful, my PSN is AccelerationZ. Also i know it takes a while to get good, but i see most people have fightsticks, should i get one? Can you become pretty good without it?

  1. hit them with an overhead or poke with some normals then grab.

2.Dont mash. Focus on blocking and punishing their mistakes.

3.Once you have your execution down come back and post and we can go from there.

Theres no rush take your time. Your in the right place and dont forget to read through Domination 101 :slight_smile:

add rigelmao, i’d like to spar with you seeing i’m p. bad also.

OK, thanks i’ll be sure to try these. Also, im working on execution, i can almost do all my characters moves all the time, but im working on doing it faster for combos where i need to hit them before they land.

Stick to one character for now. You have to play around with them all to choose the one you like the most but, in this stage of the game you really need to be sticking to one.

It’s going to be hard to know how to get in on people when you’re so new to the came. The serious answer is “very carefully”. Walk forward and block, don’t jump as soon as you’re close enough, use fast longer range moves to poke at them and don’t let them jump over you and run away once you get them in the corner.

When people are all over you on wake up you need to learn how to block. Don’t mash just watch where they’re attacking and block block block. You’ll end up getting thrown a lot once your opponent realizes you’re blocking everything but, blocking is the one thing most newbies underappreciate. It’s like they don’t want to block. Learn to block, worry about throw teching later.

Start by picking a single character and learning their moves and what each move is good for(whether it be a special move or just a normal attack). Learn which of their moves are good for anti-airs, air to airs, poking, breaking focus and which ones are safe and unsafe(unsafe means it can be punished on block safe means you cannot be retaliated agaisnt if they block it) Then learn their basic all use combos(also knowns as BnB or bread n butter) and make sure you can perform them all the time. Footsies is also important but it takes a lot of time to learn. Match-ups are something you learn from experiance, just play play play in order to learn these.

A few tips: Don’t use Ken. He’s difficult for new players to use correctly.
Don’t mash, stay calm. One move, one button press.
Get a stick. The madcatz TE is worth the $100, you’ll pay it once and never look back and never regret it. Yes it’s possible to play on a pad and a lot of people do and will vouch for it but, for a brand new player it’s much easier to just start on a stick and forget about the pad. Don’t get the SE.

You can add me on PSN if you want (and have a mic). I’m no pro but, I’ll definitely be able to teach you some things.

I’ll add you, my mic broke yesterday( yeah i know it sucks), ill get a new one today or tomorrow and then we can go from there.

Also, which character should i go for being a noob, Gouken or Dudley i like them both. Or should i pick someone for now until i get better because a kid on PSN kept telling me there hard to play with.

they’re not hard, they’re just not new player friendly.
i’ll give you the same advice i gave some of my friends who just started:
pick up ryu for a couple weeks. just so you can get used to the basic moves, commands, footsies, etc.
then after your execution is up, start trying out and finding a character that you enjoy playing.

add me on psn if you wanna play sometimes: raikiri900

OK, sounds good, thanks for the replies, i will pick up Ryu for a few then come back to Gouken once i learn basics. I will add you guys too. I’m now on a mission to learn the basics with Ryu.

Also, make sure you read all of the stickies both in this forum and in your character forums

There is a wealth of good informaton in all of the stickies.

Well, it kind of depends on alot of situations: who your opponent is, the character they’re using, they’re skill-level, what character you’re using, etc. If you’re Dudley (a character I recently picked up using myself here and there) you actually have quite a bit of options.

First use Dudley’s dash. It closes distance pretty good. You can use it even if they’re spamming fireballs since it will go right under them. Don’t throw out a punch or kick button after it if you aren’t going to connect on the opponet. Just use it to get close quick.

If they’re crouch blocking you have a couple opinions: throw, dash to throw (alot of players will just block when they see the dash thinking you will follow-up with an attack. don’t and just grab them.), forward hk is an overheard so it will hit crouch blockers (for beginners it’s also a target combo), and jump hk which also is an overheard and can be comboed into easy beginner combos.

Also, his forward hp is a really good move that close some distance and hits ppl trying to get you coming in. As long as their sweeps won’t reach you, it’s nice to throw out here and there.

These are just some things that may help you with some of the ppl you may come across online.

Hey, iv’e been practicing, but i still lose everytime and then i always rage when i lose. I’m normally very calm, but this game makes me so mad. Every round i play i always lose to spammers and people who turtle. It’s very annoying and i don’t usually get mad at anything. Also, i don’t have enough dedication to come on here and go train for two hours. I just wanted to come on online and have fun, but that requires hours of dedication. So, i feel like im just going to suck forever.

Well we’ll play soon and we’ll get you playing a little better and calming down.

Being able to play 1 person in friendly games over and over while being able to talk about what you’re doing right and wrong is how I progressed from a beginner.