Hey guys, Ultra Brawler Pack problem :(


Sorry if this is the wrong forum, this seemed like the only remotely linked forum to my question.

I haven’t seen the Costume Brawler pack for days now. It was released awhile ago now and it still hasn’t appeared in the store. I’m on the PS3 version in New Zealand if it matters.


Depending on territory, they release games and add-on’s at different points in time.

I really don’t see HOW this maximizes profits for Sony and third-party developers but this release pattern has been established for years for both home video releases and videogames. Companies and the governments that they have to deal with are control freaks!

I know, I know… I don’t like it either! Nobody likes it when a game gets released earlier elsewhere and you’re looking at anywhere for a 3-6 month wait for the localized version to appear in home stores. One of the few good things about this generation of systems is that there are very few games that have region locks on them (unless you’re a Nintendo Wii owner and to a lesser extent a 360 user). Sony basically isn’t mandating territorial locks on Bu ray games because I think they want to establish a decent base for the Blu ray media and fact is that decent speed Blu ray writers and the BD media itself are so much more expensive than DVD burners that home-pirating isn’t viable.

I, for one, like the fact that I DON’T have to futz with modding a system to play Japanese games and movies like you had to with the PS2. That’s for the birds and frankly didn’t work well because of the common video standard (NTSC) that the US and Japan shared for standard definition. It was so easy to break the Region locks! It was more the Japanese wanting to keep out cheaper US releases of the same films that led them to enforce different Region coding on DVDs between the US and Japan. Nowadays, they rely more on 3-6 month delays for BD releases to curb reverse importation (into Japan). Game prices have never really been that much different between the US and Japan except for the cartridge era.

Sure, piracy still happens, but who except the cheapest kid (and one that feels they should get everything without paying for it) wants to sit through days and weeks of waiting for 25+GB games to download? Not practical for the vast majority.


Whats odd is that all the other packs have been released at the same time as Americans have gotten them, this is the only pack that I have seen any delay on.


I don’t know what to say.

Who knows what Capcom and Sony are thinking!

Remember, Capcom is the same company that nearly went bankrupt in the mid-1990s by over-speculating on Street Fighter II with production of too many 16-bit cartridges (several million unsold, sitting in warehouses; probably recycled or buried in a landfill by now) and Sony produced the PSP-Go, a unit that is going NOWHERE in because of no support on that hardware for the UMD format and the small inconsistency that Sony is charging the same for PSP game downloads as it does for new release games!

I was told by a gamestore employee that Sony still charges full MSRP for PSP game downloads in spite of the fact that downloads have higher-profit marges than UMD = no instructions to print, no physical media to manufacture, no plastic cases needed, no expense with transportation of media, and no need to go through a third party/intermediary! He was saying a lot of games get slashed in price and cost up to 50% less on UMD than they do in downloads! Ridiculous! And Sony wonders why the PSP is dead in US and why they can’t sell the PSP-Go anywhere!

It’s bad thinking and screwing the customers that made the PS1 and PS2 the top consoles of their eras… I liked the PS2 and like my PS3 – I just don’t care for many of the game companies’ business decisions and practices.


Some games sell for more than MSRP on PSN compared to their UMD counterparts.
You also forget to mention some of the many many other failed formats that sony has pushed.