Hey guys :)

Hey everyone, I thought I’d introduce myself to you all. I’m a huge fan of 2d fighting games, especially the street fighter alpha series (currently playing 3).

I’m a programmer too and I’m currently working on a street fighter alpha 4 project using the Mugen 2d fighting game engine.
wanna know about the project ?

The game uses similar mechanics to A3 which consists of damage and frametimes. Powergains and other stuff have been tweaked slightly. Characters also use the Custom Combo system from A2 (not 100% accurate)

The game features 39 characters in total with some hidden/unlockable characters too.

Here is some videos of the work I’ve currently programmed.

Please note Lifebars and stages shown in the videos are not part of the game!
You will notice a few sounds ripped from sf4 (copyright to capcom)
The project is in early stages still. (I do have a site/forum for info)

[media=youtube]HH0H53FxBPI[/media] Adon’s Rage Super.
[media=youtube]cP1udqEjmxQ&feature=related[/media] Guy’s Rage Super.
[media=youtube]GwRo7vZviS8&feature=related[/media] Ryu’s Rage Super.

What’s Rage ? It’s basically a desperation type super that I implemented into the characters as a new feature.
Anyway my main point here is to get to know some people/make friends and also look for some help in beta testing my characters… I feel it’s important to get some professional feedback by the people who actually know what they are doing when it comes to street fighter alpha.

If you’re interested please send me a message.

edit: Sorry wasn’t sure where I was supposed to post this.

Why does your Ryu super have an MSN messenger sound at 6 seconds…

haha its part of ryu’s metsu!


not a big fan o the “RAGE” sfx, sounds like it was from MK or UT, probably was. it’s unfitting to me.

It’s actually my voice xD using audacity… while the majority of people I know are ok with it, I do realise the fx are a little generic looking and the voice does detract from the alpha style, which is something I shall work on, for now it can be a temporary thing.

Here’s another video if anyone’s interested [media=youtube]an-xrWAYGaM&feature=related[/media] showing sfa3 supers.

Bison is not part of the project (as he is CVS style)neither are the lifebars, please note I am not a pro sfa player lol…

@ DaDesiCanadian that account is actually my friend Ryons who recorded for me because I can’t really get a decent frame rate when recording and yes he was using Msn messenger at the point of recording lol… >_>

There is a huge mugen thread in fighting game discussion.

This sub forum is for noobie questions.

Sorry, cool thanks.