Hey hey hey Gameworks


so, i don’t know if this warrants its own thread (was gonna post this in Duggish’s thread) but, Gameworks is getting Tekken 6 BR within the next month or two!!

props to GW’s favorite tech Nate aka Mind and Iron for giving info.

i’m not a Tekken player (yet) but i’m already fuckin hyped for this!

while i’m at it, the next GameWorks tourney is looking to be in September sometime.



and here I was expecting something fat albert related…


I will be there day one.


i’m so startled!



About time. Hopefully they bring back the GW fight club tournaments too. Good stuff.


this is gross. maybe when they get it i will care about tekken again…but probably not. itd be tight if i could still be a pussy and plug in my ps controller so i dont have to learn how to play this filth on stick like a real man

with that being said…tekken is still better than vf


Jack Daniels shyts suck…

jacob, if you were to decide that you would be the next Shredder, I’d join your Foot Clan.

no homo

when it arrives, I’ll being looking for casuals with you good sir


Awesome news. 3 bucks per play?


Yeah I forgot about the GW price hike, hopefully they keep it at the SFIV price.


The threat of financial ruin is not enough to hold me back from this game!


3 bucks per play hahahaha if it was i wouldnt even bother to come see it. i barely want to buy the game for console



I dunno, with SF4 time card friendly, and Max Tune 3 (one of the newer games) time card friendly as well, it looks as tho things at Gameworks are looking up!


Good to hear, bro. You know I kid.


You know what was really filthy? Going to Vegas for EVO last year and seeing T6 at New York New York (or whatever the fuck its called) and seeing that shit for 3 bucks a play when I was playing it in BC a week before for 75cents a play!

If anyone wants to play BR go to BC if you can its fucking $.75 a play.


Has SF4 always worked w/ time cards? I thought it didn’t.


When it first came out they didn’t, but they changed it a little while ago. I was there last week and they worked.


bc has t6 not br. same with portland


BC has one BR machine at CHQ in MEtrotown!!!


my bad haha when ebm went up…last year? they only had 6 in all of its grossness


hope its good but i want blaz blue and new ddr.