HEY HEY NYC CF 3s and GG 5/17/08 2v2 2 Dollar Tourney Get Hype! CLICK HERE!

Ok hello everyone glad to see that we have many people showing up to CF on Saturday’s so I decided to host a local 2v2 3s tourney and 2v2 GG tourney.

2V2 2 DOLLAR TOURNEY 8 Mott st. Manhattan, New YORK CITAY!!!:rock::rock::rock:

Here is a link if you get lost or whatever http://maps.google.com/maps?q=8+mott+street&ie=UTF8&ll=40.717827,-73.998713&spn=0.01088,0.020084&z=16&layer=c&cbll=40.714019,-73.998731&cbp=1,113.66922081289897,,0,-5.498608654496215

May 17th a week after the gazebo get together.:tup:

This will be at Chinatown fair also known as CF. I will be running 3s and anakron will be running GG. Anyone is welcome to come to the tourney. The tournament registration will start at 6 and the tournament itself will start at 7. :wgrin:

The rules will be SBO style. For those who don’t know that will be it is single elimination and single game. The 2v2 part is the team format. The idea is simple form a team of two and that doesn’t consist of playing two of the same character. YOU CANNOT SWITCH YOUR CHARACTER AT ANY POINT OF THE TOURNAMENT. Placement of teams will be random right out of a hat. Team name is necessary, be creative people. :tup::tup:

So…if you don’t have a teammate don’t worry their will be people who might not have one too, so just show up with your teammate or find one on the spot. The tournament is 2 bucks per person WINNER TAKES ALL.:rock::rock:

You can switch up your order however you want before the team battle begins and choose wisely. Team up with the strongest to win or team up with the a trump card of random because its SINGLE GAME anything GOES. The team order will be decided before any of your matches start and the opposing team will not know each others orders. :rofl:

The reason behind it being single elimination is to bring out the best in every player around. Everything counts in a single game so play strong. :wink:

I will post the results of the top 3 teams and a picture of the brackets of the tourney to study from for the next time.

This sounds fun. Wish I lived nearby. Maybe one of these days I can get someone to get me up there.



GET HYPE! I think I’m going to let people pair up with whoever they want to. The 2nd time around will be different though. And remember, bring your A-game. If you’re bullshitted out of the match… well, you’re only as good as your last win. And don’t forget about your partner too!

Anybody know if that 50 year old chinese ken/yun player is on SRK? That guy is a beast.

You have to put “New York” in the thread title or mod might delete it.

If people REALLY don’t like single elim, I think we should switch to double elim.

If we do single elim it’ll be faster which is cool :rock:

plus i don’t want them to get used to my weak tactics :rofl:

Who wants to be on my team?

Cool i’ll be there with my friends. And what about super turbo.

It was never an initial idea, but yeah, someone should run some other games as well.

<---------- I will :rock::sweat:


sergio + Frantastic = Team Fetal Slaughter!

I might pull through for the GG tournament. If anyone’s looking for a teammate I don’t mind joining with whoever. If anything just pm me and we could talk about it.

who wants to be on my team? lol. i will definitely most likely be there. sounds fun =D cant wait.

sounds good


ok i dun get it, so is it random partners or nahh for 3s? if nahhh! i’ll be there!!

So… anyone want a random scrub on their team?


Let’s get ST going.