Hey, I am looking for a Sega Saturn Gamepad design for Big Hands (Xbox size)

I just want a gamepad with a good d-pad, 6 buttons on the front & THAT IS BIG ENOUGH FOR MY HANDS :wgrin:, for the pc vista. Thanx y’all a bunch.

Hori is gonna make one that is just like a 360 pad but with 6 buttons on the face like a Saturn pad

thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=209476

pic: http://grokinfullness.com/tgs2009/DSC_0900.JPG

^Thanx alot, bro. I hope it’s not too expansive when it comes out.

Well hopefully for you that its easily available here in the US (if not then it should be available on playasia.com).

Also hope the D-Pad is nice on it, I wouldn’t mind picking one of these up for myself for different types of games.