Hey I need help from anybody that knows how to make a fighting game

Okay what I am asking about in general is what is a good graphics engine what type of computer do I start programming on and what size crew do I need to get this started by the way I am quite serious no bs man I have my characters planned out I just need some good artists and some programmers just a core team.

I won’t say any of my characters names or the name of the game so no one will steal the idea from me but I will state the games general idea.

The game is the tale of fighters around the world qualifiying for a Kumite an underground fighting tournament for the best in the world . To compete you have to beat fighters all around the world to qualify the game has nearly 30 characters you have to beat 19 to qualify for the real tournament . Each opponent gets better so as you fight you will eventual become a very good player .The last part of the game will be a great tournament of the best in the game .

The matches are no holds barred full contact the game has some blood in it but not full blown out gore Think about baki the grappler it has some cringe inducing moves but nothing that will cause mass hysteria.

By the way the game would play similar to Kof so you won’t be worried about revenge gauges, rage meters and other crap that rewards you for being a failure.

Gameplay components

Reelbacks when you are hit strong attacks you are pushed back the strength of the blow.

Follow throughs are when you keep a steady flow of attacks going after a reelback. its essintial combos .

Deadlocks are when you are staggered you can block a follow with a well placed counter punch or kick you block there attack with another creating a deadlock nobody can advance or retract.

Shinken attacks are the special attacks of the game Shinken means real sword these moves are meant to disable your opponent these moves are to disable your opponent but these moves also make your character fatigued if you continuosly do them to stop one from spamming.

These are some of the gameplay elements.

The game is set in a 2.5 d enviroment you can attack an opponets sides with kicks and punches , and you can angle your shinken attacks to bypass an opponents guard.

Anyone asking questions about the size of a crew on a message board doesn’t sound serious to me really.
If you can’t figure this out, you’ll need a producer to plan it all out and keep track of things.

Have you ever worked on a game, or on a similar kind of production that involves a big crew? Apparently not.
Do you have the money to pay these people? I don’t think investors will be eager to fund someone who’s never done this before.
Having a crew is one thing, but how will you market it? Will it be available on consoles, or pc? In arcades? How will it get there?

I have dreams too, but I’m also in touch with reality. I feel bad about bursting anyone’s bubble, but it really sounds to me like you need some more experience before you can take this on.
Keep the dream alive, but give it some time.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you have no idea how long it takes and expensive it will be to try to program this from scratch. I’m not trying to bash you or anything, but its just not going to happen, for free anyway. You are better off trying to do it in MUGEN cringe.

I had a feeling people would say that but hey I gonna try it out regardless you only learn from experince any way no matter how unrealistic my goals are I am still going to try this anyway regardless of how you think hopefully someone will read this and give me some useful advice instead of trying to bust my balls.

dear op are you 13 years old and/or post on gamefaqs

no Im not 13 i don’t post on gamefaqs or nothing I asked for legitmate info and all of sudden you step on your high horse trying to stereotype and categorize me because I wanted help on creating a fighting game . Apparently its taboo for one to achieve this goal without using a major name as a finanicial backer or because I have no prior experience makes the chances slim well most developers start from scratch I can’t name a few game designers that just woke up with the skill to create games at whim. Yo if you have nothing but destructive criticism to say then don’t post eventually someone that has knowledge will eventually post. Til then I will have to deal with you pessismist and “realistic” thinkers. So bring it on I’ll deal with you all til I get the information I want we can do this all night and I wll just keep going because you are not gonna stop me

putting the expenses aside, You hafta think about how the game is going to be made. As you said, you need artists and programmers…so are you just the “game designer?” You would be better off if you had an extra skill-set to be able to apply to the game to get things going, and get a team assembled in the idea of a mod-team for a FPS. You need to setup some form of credentials so people know if your idea is good.

Honestly your idea doesnt really interest me and sounds like it needs more work. You’ll need to talk more about game mechanics, and also think about what kinda market you will be selling to…If your scared to talk about your game, then its going to be very hard for people to want to work on your game without paying them. If they actually like your game and see good things, you might get away with having some dedicated college students to help, thats if, your game sounds good to them.

EDIT (after reading ur above post): SRK is filled with designers, artists, and skilled individuals, especially in the field of fighting games. You’re coming off as a douchebag, and people wont want to work with you or even give you good information, so you may want to try and think and act professionally.

See the thing is I developed a fluid control scheme that I don’t anyone biting because some people don’t believe it but the majors troll these boards sometimes listening to peoples Ideas and thoughts.
If I discuss it will have to bring out diagrams and sketches which at this time I am to afraid to show because in the past I have had individuals still my ideas purposely and pass them off as flash games so If you want to discuss just pm or something then I will start getting more indepth with you .

What do you mean ‘developed’? You stated that you have no experience coding.

You mean you created a high level design of how ish would work? Just because you have an idea doesn’t mean it will transition easy when you try to put it into motion.

by the way you are right about me being more well rounded i should start practice drawing alot more i also all ready have the right programs to start creating . the game would come out on Arcades first and if people caught on then It would hit consoles Im working it grass roots style if I can get people out there homes playing fighters again I would be more than satisfyied The whole key here is to offer them an experience that cannot be emulated at home at they have to be just like the characters always hunting for the best fighters.

You should practice typing first, those are some long ass sentences you got there.

Depends on how dedicated you or who is involved are. There are many indie devs that do programming, drawing, and music for their games by themselves without any expenses (sacrificing time though). A recent fighting game, Vangaurd Princess, along with many other indie games, have been done by one person. You are going to need to learn the basics or even more for each area of the game, unless you have the money or luck to push those duties onto others.

How bad do you really want it though? How much time are you willing to put in? However long you are expecting it to take, it’ll take much longer than that to create. You could cut time by using one of the established fighting engines already out there though. Don’t count yourself out if you really want it, it’s definitely possible to do. Be prepared for a lot of work.

Edit: Based on your recent posts:

One, don’t even bother trying for the arcade scene as an indie. No benefit.

Two, don’t even bother aiming for consoles as an indie with no prior experience unless your going to use XBLA.

Three, PC is you’re best bet. More people to reach out to.

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lol @ releasing it on arcades.

Seriously, just stop. That will never, ever, happen.

Wow man you gave me the motivation to keep doing this project alone . I am glad you found this post. You showed me could be done alone so I don’t need these holier than thou “experts” in design

Falling Edge if you can do better than me do it and make me shut up .If you can’t then be quiet and go troll some where else you are just being annoying now.

Yes. I’m sure someone who can’t even type properly can create a simple design document along with requirements that can be understood and followed by a team of developers and artists.

You don’t even know ‘what type of computer to start programming on.’ Seriously man, that’s just awful. You want some serious advice? Fine. Create a simple tic-tac-toe game in C++ or Java or any programming language of your choice. Once you get past that point, then you can come back and try to pitch your game.

As of right now, I can take a shit and that will be better than anything you will put together.


Haha the thought of someone who says “what type of computer to start programming on” coding a fighting game engine, let alone the other work involved (a staggering amount, I wish I could take a peek into your head at how you’re envisioning this whole project) is fucking hilarious.

Don’t be discouraged from indie game development, or making your own fighting game. Just get a little older, wiser, and more skilled (in development, not playing games), and maybe you’ll be ready to begin comprehending the task in front of you. Until then you’re just a little boy talking about how he wants to go to the moon, it’s cute, but noone’s really listening.

Being just “the guy with an idea” trying to get a team is very difficult imo. Everyone has ideas. Game designer is a really hard job to get.

Furthermore, there is a thread about making fighters (or at least it turns into such a thread later)

Also, to start coding, you should start way smaller. Nothing is more sad then when someone posts a thread in a coding forum going “hay guys, I never coded before,but I’m going to make an MMO! How do I do it?!” (I’m serious)
A fighter might not be quite as difficult as an MMO, but it’s still pretty tough.

Ok realtalk for a moment. Start learning Python, it’s very powerful and relatively easy to learn (relatively, RELATIVELY). It’s weaknesses shouldn’t matter for a 2d fighting game on current hardware. Go get a good beginner’s book on it, and start learning. This will be 1000000x more productive towards your goal than making sketches of “Chun Li but hawter” and figuring out cool names for moves.